Factorial enhanced its AI-powered CV Reader in real-time


As talent acquisition continues to challenge companies nationwide and the skills-based hiring trend grows, Factorial, a leading provider of human resources software solutions, has enhanced its AI-powered CV Reader in real-time. Factorial AI now includes a deeper level of analysis, filtering resumes based on candidates’ skills, as opposed to traditional recruitment tools that focus solely on qualifications.

Skills-based hiring is a rising trend across a multitude of industries. According to TestGorilla’s “The State of Skills-Based Hiring 2022” report, 76 percent of employers now integrate skills-based hiring strategies into their recruitment process, with nearly 55 percent using role-specific skills tests. Additionally, over the past year LinkedIn has seen a notable 21 percent increase in job postings in the U.S. that emphasize skills instead of qualifications.

“The next-generation solution offered by Factorial AI’s CV Reader redefines talent acquisition, providing a crucial edge to companies in the competitive job market,” says Jordi Romero, Co-Founder and CEO of Factorial. “By focusing on skills rather than traditional qualifications, companies can make more informed hiring decisions, leading to a workforce that excels in performance and contributes significantly to the organization’s success.”

Factorial leverages advanced AI and machine learning with its CV Reader. The product enables Factorial’s customers to search and filter by skills in the talent pool, as well as enables users to search inside the talent pool and filter by education, previous places of work, and more.

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