Proxyclick Launches Next-Gen Platform For Safe Return to Work

'Proxyclick Flow' provides a single platform to manage visitor, employee, and contractor flows in compliance with global regulations


Proxyclick today launched “Proxyclick Flow” an end-to-end platform designed to help companies ensure their employees a safe return to work. Leveraging capabilities from an ecosystem of more than 30 technology partners, the new release extends the company’s leading enterprise visitor management solution to any type of person — employee or contractor — entering any workplace globally. Now, security, IT and HR leaders can gain a unified view of who is occupying their premises at any given time — all while staying compliant and upholding global data privacy regulations.

“In the last decade, we’ve experienced major inflection points in visitor management, from the transition to digital logbooks at the front desk, to the push to create a seamless and connected visitor experience upon entering a building,” said Gregory Blondeau, CEO, Proxyclick. “Historically, the focus has been on visitors. But the onset of COVID-19, the move to hybrid working models, and the dramatic rise of reliance on contractors created an immediate need to extend this level of security, compliance, and peace of mind to anyone entering and exiting a company’s premises.”

Introducing the First ‘People Flow’ Management Platform for the Enterprise
Proxyclick Flow consists of three elements that support the visitor, employee and contractor journey — the Flow Platform, the Proovr mobile app, and Flow Intelligence.

  • Proxyclick Flow Platform
    Built on a growing ecosystem of 30+ integrations — including leading access control systems such as LenelS2 and Genetec, user provisioning solutions such as MSFT Azure Active Directory and Okta, and desk booking systems such as Robin and Condeco — Proxyclick Flow uses a standardized API to streamline access and orchestrate complex workflows across all these underlying technologies. By combining out-of-the-box integrations with the ability to easily connect to any existing system, companies no longer need to rip and replace their existing hardware or backend tools, meaning quicker time to value.

“Proxyclick customers will now have the ability to reach even further into the workplace using Robin, so people can book a desk before receiving their access key,” said Sam Dunn, CEO, Robin. “We share Proxyclick’s vision of a seamless employee experience, and see this integration as an important step towards reopening more workplaces safely.”

  • Proxyclick Proovr App
    Proxyclick also launched Proovr — a mobile app for employees that serves as a digital ‘key’ to ensure that only healthy, approved individuals can enter offices in compliance with social distancing and capacity management requirements.

Built on top of the Flow Platform, Proxyclick Proovr empowers employees to check their office for availability, book a desk, complete COVID-related questions in accordance with local regulations, scan their temperature, enter their building using touchless QR codes and much more — as a part of a seamless user experience for employees. The application also enables administrators to grant access based on workflows that span multiple systems.

  • Proxyclick Flow Intelligence
    Flow intelligence combines the real-time, accurate, access-control level data from the platform along with real-time usage data from Proovr. It gives administrators, leaders and executives across HR, IT, and security functions granular insights on occupancy tracking, capacity management, and contact tracing — all in a compliant and privacy respecting manner.  Companies no longer need to piece together disconnected and inaccurate data from disparate systems in order to understand how to most safely support their return-to-work strategies.

“Proxyclick’s track record as an established visitor management platform truly aligns with our long-term vision of streamlining our employee experience,” said Nikhil Singla, IT Operations Manager, Boston Consulting Group. “If you think about offering 10 applications to an employee, they’re going to be really disappointed. One app for this, one app for that… they aren’t getting into a NASA space station. It’s their office. So we’re excited about consolidating all these 10 things into one for them if we can.”

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