Playvox Unveils Dynamic Capacity Planner


Playvox, the leading CRM-connected omnichannel contact center provider of Workforce Engagement Management solutions, is launching its new Capacity Planner solution at the Society for Workforce Planning Professionals Annual Conference April 4-6 in Nashville, Tenn.

The reimagined Capacity Planner moves long-term forecasting from a one-and-done annual burden, to a dynamic, integrated component of workforce management. This latest functionality seamlessly integrates with ongoing scheduling and supports visibility, long-term workforce budgeting and forecasting, and dynamic staff planning.

Hiring shortages and the current business environment present contact center leaders with unique challenges. With the Capacity Planner, which is part of the Playvox Workforce Management solution, contact center leaders can:

  • Create staffing scenarios to ensure they can meet demand and their budgets;
  • Access projections based on historical data, actual and projected demand, and forecasted market shifts;
  • Pinpoint contact center resource needs based on how shrinkage, leave and attrition projections will impact staffing and hiring; and
  • Determine how and when to scale workforce levels in order to mitigate risks, while also addressing recruitment bottlenecks, shrinkage and leave.

At 8:45 a.m. CT on Wednesday, April 6, Kristyn Emenecker, Playvox’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer, will lead the SWPP Annual Conference workshop, “And Now We R.O.C. – Radically Operationalized Capacity Planning.” The session will focus on how to define and implement dynamic capacity planning in modern real-time contact centers. Emenecker will also cover the top five ways capacity planning must change to effectively address daily scheduling needs.

“The Capacity Planner enables Playvox’s customers to successfully and nimbly navigate these times of economic disruption and technology transformation,” said Emenecker. “We’re proud to launch this reimagined product during the SWPP Annual Conference, and to give attendees the first look at this exciting new take on long-term planning for service operations.”

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