Perceptyx announced the launch of Activate

AI-powered solution translates employee feedback into action plans and intelligent nudges to unlock true organizational change


Perceptyx, the global leader in employee experience (EX) transformation, launched Activate, the industry’s first solution to a perennial HR problem: how to realize true organization-wide change based on employee insights.

Activate is the highly anticipated integration of behavioral science pioneer Humu, which Perceptyx acquired in 2023, into the Perceptyx Platform. The solution addresses the missing element in most employee listening programs: continuously acting on employee feedback to realize change throughout an entire organization.

“The challenge facing organizations is not a lack of more insights. What they need is to be able to quickly and easily convert the insights they have into action, by influencing behaviors and creating positive habits at every level in the organization so true change can happen,” said John Borland, CEO at Perceptyx.

Employee listening programs often fail to achieve the desired organizational impact because HR leaders rely on overburdened managers to drive it. For their part, managers need help knowing what to do and where to focus—often addressed via insights—but perhaps more importantly, how to take action. Activate solves this problem with its two core elements:

  • AI-Assisted Action Planning takes the insights generated across listening programs to proactively identify the top areas managers should focus on and suggests an action plan to address those items.
  • Intelligent Nudging proactively and smartly delivers science-backed behavioral-based nudges to managers and employees, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to take those actions and develop better habits over time. All nudges are delivered within the flow of work (for example, via Microsoft Teams, Slack, email or, for deskless workers, wherever makes most sense in the context of their work), making them easily and immediately implementable.

For example, an organization could identify through listening that employees in a specific department don’t feel well positioned to grow and develop in their career. Perceptyx Activate solves the problem by tackling it from all angles:

  • Provides the manager with a proposed action plan to help them support the career development of their team.
  • The manager can customize the plan, make commitments, set goals, and involve team members in taking action as well.
  • As the plan rolls out, the manager receives intelligent nudges with detailed guidance on actions they can take in support of career planning—for example, using upcoming team or 1:1 meetings to help each direct report reflect on their career goals or identify barriers to growth. Nudges are personalized to the manager’s own priorities, job level, or function, and updated in real-time in line with the latest insights.
  • Additionally, each employee in the department will receive their own relevant nudges tied to career planning, as well as their own personal priorities, thus activating all employees.
  • The manager tracks progress against the plan in their own dashboard. Meanwhile, HR leaders are able to see how the organization as a whole is engaging with the nudges, discover which themes are most important to employees, and track progress against the company-wide action plan.

Employers increasingly understand that employee listening is directly connected to core business objectives such as innovation, customer satisfaction, productivity, and financial performance. In fact, according to Perceptyx’s State of Employee Listening report, organizations with mature listening programs are 6x more likely to exceed their financial targets than those without. However, for those gains to be realized, organizations must truly act on employee feedback.

“If valuable insights sit gathering dust in traditional reports or action plans, there will be no material change to the business. Worse, there could be a negative impact as employees become frustrated with the lack of action and start to believe their feedback is falling on deaf ears,” said Sarah Foster, head of behavioral science at Perceptyx. “Our Intelligent Nudges are proven to be effective at changing behaviors and driving action. In one study, 96% of nudge recipients reported seeing positive transformation.”

Perceptyx customer, Matthew Gosney, Vice President, Organizational Development at UCHealth, added, “Busy leaders want to positively impact their teams. What they often lack is clear direction on what actions are most influential for those they lead and the time to implement. Intelligent Nudges are an innovative solution that helps bridge the gap between leaders’ intentions and actions. When leaders are provided with impactful actions that fit within their flow of work, their full potential is unlocked.”

Perceptyx will further explore the theme of HR leaders as agents of organizational change in an upcoming virtual roundtable to be hosted Wednesday, May 1st. Panelists for the free, live session include Laszlo Bock, Advisor with General Catalyst Partners, former Google CHRO and Humu Co-founder, and NYT Best-Selling Author of “Work Rules”; Stacia Garr, Co-founder and Principal Analyst, RedThread Research; Terry VanQuickenborne, Vice President of Research, The Josh Bersin Company; and Dallis Howard-Crow, CHRO at UCHealth. Al Adamsen SVP of Leader and Workforce Transformation for Perceptyx will serve as host. Visit the Perceptyx web site to register.

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