Payroll Outsourcing Company Rolls-Out Updates for HR Blizz™

Mercans, one of the world’s leading global payroll outsourcing companies has completed the roll-out of the latest version of its global payroll and HRM SaaS suite, HR Blizz


Mercans, one of the leading global payroll outsourcing companies, and an international PEO and GEO services provider worldwide have completed the roll-out of the latest version of its global payroll and HRM SaaS suite, HR Blizz. All HR Blizz users in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East can presently access the updated version of the innovative SaaS solution with ground-breaking features.

The latest upgrade of the Mercans HR Blizz Global Payroll SaaS Suite leverages the organizations over 20-year experience in delivering international payroll outsourcing and international PEO GEO services in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The newly added features and improved functionality of the Mercans Global Payroll and HRM SaaS Suite address the difficulties of global payroll outsourcing services customers. HR Blizz Global Payroll Suite of Mercans is an industry-disruptive technology in its architecture and functionalities.

The new version of HR Blizz enables Mercans to take into all the requirements of its present and future global payroll outsourcing customers while decreasing the manual payroll processing efforts and improving the accuracy of the payroll calculations. Among other revolutionary features, the newly rolled-out version involves Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on automated payroll audit function, “Touchless Payroll” for completely automated payrolls, Global Dashboard functionality that will enable real-time access and control over all global payrolls, and a lot of advanced features.

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