Paycom Introduces Manager on-the-Go, an Innovative Mobile Tool for 24/7 Task Approvals

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Paycom Software, Inc. (“Paycom”) (NYSE: PAYC), a leading provider of comprehensive, cloud-based human capital management software, today announced the release of Manager on-the-Go™, a tool within the Paycom mobile app that allows for 24/7 accessibility to essential manager-side functionality within Paycom. Easily utilized, Manager on-the-Go gives supervisors and managers the ability to perform a variety of tasks, such as approving time-off requests and expense reimbursements – anytime, anywhere hrtech news.

“We understand work doesn’t stop coming in when leaders are away from their desks,” said Chad Richison, Paycom’s founder and CEO. “Manager on-the-Go enhances usage patterns and the interactions within organizations among leaders and employees. It gives a company’s leaders the ability to efficiently accomplish tasks on Paycom’s mobile app, which frees HR departments.”

Manager on-the-Go empowers company leaders with the click of a mobile device, preventing such duties from becoming HR’s responsibility and distributes the burden of the approval process more broadly. The tool allows managers and supervisors to:

  • edit and approve timecards;
  • approve time-off requests;
  • view their team’s time-off calendar;
  • edit and approve punch-change requests;
  • manage employees’ schedules;
  • approve expenses for reimbursement;
  • create and approve personnel action forms;
  • view employees’ accruals, pay rates and taxes; and
  • respond to employee inquiries through Ask Here™.

In addition, this new tool requires no additional login or user information, providing a seamless toggle between Manager-on-the-Go, Employee Self-Service® and Mileage Tracker.

This new enhancement will be particularly transformative in industries where managers do not always have access to a computer, as it allows them to perform HR tasks regardless of location. In the same manner, employees can use their mobile device to perform tasks like requesting time off, submitting time cards, or trading shifts with a team member; managers can more easily use their mobile device to approve those HR-related tasks and requests.

Manager on-the-Go is Paycom’s first major software release of 2020 and follows a robust set of 2019 rollouts that included over 1,800 enhancements, most notably Direct Data Exchange™ (DDX), Ask Here™, Video Content Creator and Performance Evidence. DDX, a comprehensive management analytics tool, gives employers insights into efficiencies gained through employee usage of human capital management technology and provides a real-time return on investment on that usage. Ask Here™ gives employees a direct line of communication to ask work-related questions of their company representatives – and receive timely answers – all through the convenience of Paycom’s self-service technology. Video Content Creator and Performance Evidence are enhancements to Paycom Learning, Paycom’s learning management platform.

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About Paycom
As a leader in payroll and HR technology, Oklahoma City-based Paycom redefines the human capital management industry by allowing companies to effectively navigate a rapidly changing business environment. Its cloud-based software solution is based on a core system of record maintained in a single database for all human capital management functions, providing the functionality that businesses need to manage the complete employment life cycle, from recruitment to retirement. Paycom has the ability to serve businesses of all sizes and in every industry. As one of the leading human capital management providers, Paycom serves clients in all 50 states from offices across the country. For more information, visit


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