Pax8 Recognized as a Best Place to Work

Company Selected for Creating an Uncommonly Positive and Engaging Employee Culture


Pax8, the leading cloud marketplace, announced today its recognition as a Best Place to Work by the Denver Business Journal (DBJ) for a second time. The company achieved the second position as one of the top employers in the Giant business category, competing with nine other similarly sized companies. The Best Places to Work award by the DBJ is an annual recognition given to companies in the Denver area that provide exceptional work environments for their employees. Pax8’s achievement is based on an independent survey conducted and analyzed by Quantum Workplace of Pax8 Denver-area employees. The survey assessed employee satisfaction with their job, company culture, and leadership, providing a valuable measure of Pax8’s commitment to nurturing a positive and engaged work environment.

“Pax8 is the people. Our employees are the backbone of our company, and this award signifies their hard work and dedication that has contributed to the success of Pax8,” said John Street, Co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer. “We strive to build a culture and workplace of servant leadership where all employees feel they belong, and are highly valued, empowered, and supported to do their best work every day. The company’s commitment to supporting and investing in our employees will continue, building on the foundation that makes Pax8 a world-class employer.”

Pax8’s award of being recognized as a Best Place to Work further contributes to the company’s assortment of accolades as a leading employer, including multiple Best Place to Work awards. This recognition is a testament to the vision of Pax8’s CEO, John Street, who set out to create a workplace at the company’s beginnings that prioritized people above everything else. His objective was to foster an environment where teams could learn, grow, and have fun while consistently emphasizing innovation and reinvention. This vision has been instrumental in shaping Pax8’s celebrated culture and exceptional employee experience, which revolves around community, collaboration, and innovation.

Pax8’s 1,600 global employees benefit from a comprehensive employee experience that includes a strong focus on culture, employee development opportunities, employee engagement within the company and in our communities, providing competitive total rewards, and employee recognition. Pax8’s dedication to fostering a superior employee experience has yielded significant results and garnered worldwide recognition, as evidenced by the company’s remarkable Global Retention Rate of 85% and Global Attrition Rate of 15%.

“The culture at Pax8 is nothing like I have ever seen before, and I have been doing this a long time,” said Lori Frasier, Chief People Officer, Americas, Pax8. “We’re unique and our cherished culture is rare. It’s impressive that we’ve grown as big as we have and been able to maintain the quality of the culture we have here.”

One aspect of Pax8’s culture to create an extraordinary employee experience is to provide all employees with a sense of community and engagement opportunities through the recent launch of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Clubs. Pax8’s Social Impact and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ) initiatives have led to the establishment of six (6) ERGs that aim to support and represent employees who share similar interests or come from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds. These ERGs are designed to ensure that all employees feel supported and represented in the workplace. The Pax8 ERGs include engagement for differently abled and neurodiverse employees; parents and caregivers; employees of color; women; LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual); and veterans. Any employee can become a member of any group(s).

“Hiring diverse groups is important, but once they are hired, we want their experience inside the organization to be an amazing one,” added Frasier. “At Pax8, we strive to make a genuine impact by empowering employees to be who they are in the workforce and feel comfortable to express their true selves. Our goal is to turn our intentions with this into a tangible impact that creates a workplace with a diversity of perspectives and where we can all thrive.”

Within the next two years, Pax8 will introduce two new global leadership development programs and a coaching platform to foster the growth and advancement of its leaders at all levels. The objective of this endeavor is to offer every Pax8 employee access to learning and development resources that enable them to acquire the skills and expertise required to thrive in their existing positions and build fulfilling careers. Pax8 is dedicated to equipping all team members with the knowledge and tools required to enhance their work, collaboration, and performance, thereby ensuring continuity in the company’s management and operations.

“One of the company’s top priorities is to make sure all of our employees have access to ongoing training and mentorship programs that help them grow both professionally and personally,” said Frasier. “The company is investing heavily to build a strong pipeline of leaders with the skills and mindsets to accelerate the company’s path to profitability, high employee engagement, retention, and belonging.”

As Pax8 celebrates another win as a Best Place to Work, the company is continuing to prioritize the improvement of its employee culture through a company-wide culture renovation. Earlier this year, Pax8 initiated a listening strategy, called Your Voice Our Future. The strategy involves gathering input through surveys, focus groups and executive interviews to understand ideas from all Pax8 employees around the world, to guide the company’s future goals and strategy as it continues to scale.

“This is a very exciting time for Pax8 as we evolve from start-up, to scale-up, to Prime Time,” added Lori. “The future of work has evolved due to the Covid pandemic and new generations entering the workforce. The expectations of workers are profoundly different from the pre-covid era. We really want to take an intentional approach to understand what’s working and identify opportunities for change. Pax8 people show up every day to do an incredible job for themselves, their peers, and the organization and we will work hard to make sure that they have the work environment they need to be successful.”

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