Pacific Prime releases Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2022

Pacific Prime

Global health insurance brokerage and employee benefits specialist Pacific Prime has released their Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2022. Catering to business leaders, HR professionals, and employees alike, the report identifies the main trends shaping the global employee benefits landscape and offers practical tips to implement the trends in question.

Back for its third edition, the Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2022 is filled with comprehensive analysis from Pacific Prime’s in-house employee benefits specialists. The report is further supported by data and statistics, examples and case studies, along with graphs and illustrations. Comments and insight from major industry leaders in the international private medical insurance (IPMI) sector are also featured.

The five main employee benefits trends identified by the report include:

  • A marked rise in office-based perks as the pandemic subsides
  • HR technology and tools are getting increasingly sophisticated
  • Companies are rethinking their approach to holistic wellness
  • Employee benefits ‘go green’ as Gen Z transforms the workplace
  • Fairness and equality is evolving in the era of remote work

Neil Raymond, Founder and CEO of Pacific Prime, said: “As countries gradually emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and its ripple effects continue to be felt across multiple sectors and industries, the report offers much-needed clarity and direction over how the world of work is changing, and how employers are adapting/will have to adapt their employee benefits strategies and offerings to stay ahead of the curve and make informed, evidence-based decisions.”

Download the free report to delve into aforementioned trends in more detail.

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