NWN Corporation Powers Arrow Exterminators’ Remote-Work Transformation

Enables More Than 2,500 Employees Across 128 Offices with Work Remotely Capabilities in Response to COVID-19

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Together, NWN and Arrow Exterminators orchestrated the smooth technology shift that provided the ability for 2,500+ Arrow employees to work remotely as the COVID-19 pandemic forced a technological shift in Arrow’s 128 offices across 12 states.

NWN Corporation, a technology-enabled service provider focused on transforming the customer experience, was chosen to fuel the digital transformation of Arrow Exterminators, an Atlanta-based pest-control and home services company. NWN and Arrow Exterminators today released the details of their relationship and how NWN helped Arrow make this critical transition and continue to serve its customers at a high level. To learn more about exactly how NWN assisted, sign up for the May 28th webinar hrteh news.

Arrow Exterminators is guided by its mission to provide superior quality services to its customers in the most environmentally responsible manner. It strives to continually improve its professional standards, which was why it brought in NWN to revitalize its IT infrastructure. NWN was essential in migrating Arrow Exterminators’ systems and offices to the cloud.

“NWN was a true partner to us through every step of our digital transformation,” said Brannon Gillis, VP of Technology, Arrow Exterminators. “They helped us install a unified communications system 10 months ago. Then, at the beginning of March, when we were searching for our response to COVID-19, we called on them again to help us put processes in place and secure the tools we needed to enable our work force of more than 2,500 people to work remotely as needed. They helped us migrate seamlessly from being in the office to moving certain employees — many of whom have never worked remotely — safely into their homes in one-third the estimated timeframe.”

To learn more, join Andrew Gilman, NWN’s Vice President of Marketing and Alliances, and Arrow’s Brannon Gillis, VP of Technology on a May 28th webinar that highlights how NWN was an essential partner in the digital transformation and shift to remote work for the pest control and home services company hrtech.


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