Netchex and Delaget Announce Partnership to Bring Seamless Data Management and Payroll Integration

Netchex and Delaget Announce Partnership to Bring Seamless Data Management and Payroll Integration to the Restaurant Industry
Netchex and Delaget Announce Partnership to Bring Seamless Data Management and Payroll Integration to the Restaurant Industry

Netchex and Delaget announced that the two companies have partnered to deliver an integrated data and employee management solution for the restaurant industry. Through this new integration, restaurant operators will be able to access smart analytics about their business while managing their entire workforce from recruitment through retirement. This capability is especially critical in the restaurant industry because of its fiercely competitive labor market.

The combined solution brings together data from the Point-of-sale (POS) and other technology systems into Delaget’s data warehouse, where the data is cleaned and normalized. The data is then fed into Netchex’s HCM platform, as well as Delaget reporting and analytics solutions and other third-party systems. Through the joint solution, customers will be able to take advantage of:

  • Employee and manager self-service
  • POS integration for time and labor
  • Payroll and full tax compliance
  • Benefit and full COBRA administration
  • Fully-managed data warehousing
  • Store-level, above store, and home office reporting and analytics
  • Loss prevention and employee productivity tools
  • Performance dashboards

“We’re thrilled for Netchex to join the Delaget Partner Community,” said Jason Tober, Delaget CEO. “Many of the best restaurant software companies already have integrations with Delaget, but we heard from our customers that they wanted more options when it comes to payroll and employee management. As a market leader, Netchex was an obvious choice. Customers using our combined solutions can confidently manage their employees throughout their lifecycle and better leverage their data for smarter decision-making at all levels of their organization.”

“This partnership is certainly a win-win for both of our companies,” said Stuart Ethridge, Netchex Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships. “The value it brings to our restaurant clients and prospects by integrating data management with Netchex’s full suite of HR services is unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry.”

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About Netchex
Founded in 2003, Netchex has grown to become one of the South’s largest Human Capital Management providers with offices throughout the U.S. Netchex’s single-source solution is a cloud-based, end-to-end platform for managing employees from hire to retire. Netchex currently services over 3,000 clients, with corporate headquarters in Covington, LA. Visit for more information.

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Contact: Katie Kennedy, Marketing Manager
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About Delaget
Delaget helps new and growth-oriented restaurant franchisees expand their business and improve profitability by enabling them to focus 100% on store operations. We do this by freeing them from IT and home-office tasks and equipping them with actionable business insights. Delaget’s data warehouse and suite of reporting, analytics, and outsourcing solutions dramatically reduce the complexity of running a restaurant and support rapid growth. We were born of the Quick Service Restaurant industry, understand its unique challenges, and know how to help restaurateurs leverage their data to run smarter, more profitable operations. Our customers include KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café, IHOP, Hardee’s, Sonic, Papa John’s, and more. Visit us at for more information.

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Contact: Renée Munro, VP Marketing
Phone: (763) 489-3074

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