Neeyamo Announces Jim Madden as Keynote Speaker at Rise Above


Neeyamo Inc. is pleased to announce that Jim Madden, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Carrick Capital Partners will deliver the opening keynote at Rise Above 2020, a virtual global HR Evolution Summit taking place Nov. 12 and 13. Hosted by Neeyamo along with a cohort of global industry associations, the event will feature more than 50 speakers representing various avenues in the HR & payroll arena who will share their experiential insights to set a resilient HR agenda for 2021 and beyond. View the detailed event agenda here.

Jim Madden will helm an engaging session on HR -> HCM: The past, present, and future. HR/HCM technology services underpinned by HR BPO, PEO, and HCM software platforms have been seeing a sharp transformation since the 1990s. New services and specializations in the global HR arena are defining the next generation of HR/HCM services. Jim Madden’s keynote address will analyze the impact of AI, borderless support, and other emerging HR trends.

Samuel Isaac, CMO and SVP at Neeyamo said, “With Rise Above 2020 less than a month away, we are exhilarated to have Jim Madden join us as our Opening Keynote Speaker. It has been more than two decades now since Exult Inc. transformed the way HR gets its work done. Jim was the Founding Chairman and CEO of Exult and has witnessed the transformation of the role of HR from very close quarters – as a consultant, as an entrepreneur, and as an investor! We are privileged to have him deliver the keynote at Rise Above 2020, celebrate his contribution to the HR Outsourcing industry, and hear his perspectives on the past-present-future of HCM.”

“It’s an honor to be selected by the forward-looking team at Neeyamo to give the keynote at this summit. As we look ahead, it is instructive to review the evolution of HR/HCM technology services,” said Jim Madden. “Now, new types of services and specialization are beginning to define the next generation of HR/HCM services. In my presentation, I’ll discuss the impact of AI/Machine Learning, borderless support, and other emerging trends aNeeyamo Announces Jim Madden as Keynote Speaker at Rise Abovend services that will continue to impact HR.”

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