LifeOmic & Catipult.AI Partner to Offer Employee Wellness Solution

Catipult.AI will now offer Precision Wellness to customers to provide a personalized platform for engaging employees


LifeOmic, the creator of LIFE mobile apps and the Precision Health Cloud platform in use at major medical and cancer centers, today announced a new partnership with Catipult.AI. Catipult.AI, a strategic planning, dashboarding tool and coaching service, will offer LifeOmic Precision Wellness to its customers as a free, science-backed and easy-to-administer tool to encourage healthy behaviors by its customers’ employees and provide them a seamless way to track health habits.

LifeOmic recently launched Precision Wellness to provide employers with a workplace wellness program that improves employee health outcomes by leveraging precision health. Precision Wellness will now be integrated into Catipult.AI’s dashboard giving customers free access to a personalized platform. The platform encourages healthy behaviors by employees to improve overall health and wellbeing, ultimately resulting in the reduction of health insurance claims and minimizing absenteeism.

“Employee wellness is becoming a priority in any human resource strategy and Catipult.AI’s new offering now enables it to provide its customers with a turnkey solution,” said Justin Helmig, chief marketing officer at LifeOmic. “LifeOmic’s Precision Wellness platform will continue to show value to customers as companies adjust their employee offerings to reflect our evolving workplace.”

“We’re looking forward to being able to offer customers additional tools in supporting their employees,” said Peter Fuller, CEO of Catipult.AI. “We know customers are looking for simplicity when it comes to their management platforms and Precision Wellness is able to provide a powerful solution without requiring unnecessary administrative burden.”

Precision Wellness allows companies to create social “Circles” within the app for employees to join and engage with co-workers and friends, encouraging them to meet their goals. Employees also have access to the LIFE Apps Learning Library and Lifeology courses, giving them access to hundreds of scientifically-validated resources covering aging, metabolism, nutrition and much more. Additionally, employees can utilize LifeOmic’s network of experts to engage in one-on-one coaching and support on topics such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting.

The platform is currently powering wellness for over 100 companies, including Bavard and Distance Learning Centers. LifeOmic Precision Wellness integrates with most wearable devices including Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, connected scales and more. It also provides optional biomarker testing to provide actionable insights from a simple blood draw. The platform uses this information to make personalized recommendations based on each user’s specific biology. All data is easy to manage and is stored in LifeOmic’s secure, HIPAA Compliant, HITRUST CSF and SOC 2 Certified cloud platform.

LifeOmic Precision Wellness is free for a company’s first 100 employees and at a flat, affordable, monthly price for each additional employee thereafter. Learn more and sign-up for free at

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