LifeCare Announces New Mobile App For Industry Backup Care Service

New technology solution offers cutting-edge flexibility to securely access, request, manage, and track backup care activity.

Industry Backup Care Service

The country’s leading work-life provider, LifeCare, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Backup Care Connection mobile app, supporting their premier backup care assistance service known for helping employees minimize disruption when their regular care arrangements fall through. With the app’s release, LifeCare is making it more convenient for members to manage all aspects of their backup care needs, whenever and wherever they are.

“As demand for our backup care services continue to escalate, we thought it important to offer our members even greater flexibility to manage it all through this best-in-class app,” says Peter Burki, CEO of LifeCare, “Now members can engage with us through any method they prefer — phone, web or app — to receive the right backup care solution they need.”

The app allows members to manage all aspects of their Backup Care benefit, including the ability to request care for their covered dependents such as children, seniors, pets and even themselves. Additional features include ability for employees to track their backup care utilization, view available visits, update or modify upcoming care reservations, submit for reimbursement and more.

According to Apperian, 91% of corporate employees are using at least one mobile app. Employees expect that the services they need be available as an app on their mobile devices, available at their fingertips. With the new Backup Care Connection mobile app, reliable backup care is just a few taps away.

Employers that offer Backup Care Connection to their employees recognize the value of the service, both in helping to alleviate the caregiving burden faced by their workforce and helping to reduce employee absenteeism. With the robust and flexible solution offered by LifeCare, children, aging loved ones, pets and even employees who are recovering from serious illness or surgery are covered.

As Burki referenced, LifeCare’s backup care services have seen steady growth in both demand and usage as more and more corporations look to provide valuable, productivity-enhancing care support for their employees. These nationwide companies specifically choose LifeCare’s Backup Care Connection because it’s the most flexible in the industry, enabling members to choose from a large selection of network care providers, locations, and out-of-network options (including their own preferred privately secured caregiver such as a personal babysitter, friend or even family member). Plus, members can schedule care up to 30 days in advance or even at the last minute. As a result, Backup Care Connection offers unmatched efficiency in reducing employee stress while increasing their work attendance and productivity.

Beyond Backup Care Connection — as the country’s leading work-life provider — LifeCare assists its members in the areas of parenting, senior care, legal guidance, financial help, home services and wellness. Specifically, LifeCare’s specialists provide personalized guidance 24/7/365 and connect employees with the solutions they need, when and where they need them.

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