Learnsoft Momentum Continues With Significant Milestones Achieved

Organizations in highly regulated industries benefit from LMS technology growth


Learnsoft announced today its continuing commitment to solving learning and development issues for organizations in highly-regulated industries with the release of a new mobile app. With the support of investor funding in 2022, the launch of the mobile app deeply enhances Learnsoft’s ability to make learning as easy and accessible as possible to workers wherever they need to learn. Additionally, the company has offered new product features, enhanced platform usability, announced partnerships and closed an exciting new sector expansion all within the past few months. In order to deliver the highest quality of Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Management System (TMS) software, Learnsoft has brought on new members of the team to help drive business forward.

Committed to Increasing Learner Mobility

Learnsoft is branching into the mobile application space in early 2023. Their cloud-based LMS will soon be available to any learner via the GooglePlay or App store. This will offer flexibility for any team member regardless of location, tech-savviness or job title. The saas-based technology ensures progress is easily transferred between devices and progress is saved in real time, creating a more comfortable user experience.

Continuing to Improve Learner Engagement

From conversations with customers throughout the last few months, the Learnsoft team has learned that struggles with engagement span beyond usability of the platform. Many customers struggle with offering engaging content modules. Learnsoft has partnered with OpenSesame to offer customers access to their library of industry-relevant content and training modules. The content library paired with the easy-to-use LMS will be able to help maximize learner productivity and worker efficiency.

Business is Expanding

Learnsoft strives to provide the best LMS and TMS solutions for any organization regardless of unique needs. The flexibility of the platform has allowed for the recent expansion into the hospitality industry. Cherokee Nation Casino will be implementing Learnsoft’s LMS across their 10 locations.

“As we all have seen during the pandemic and the ‘Great Resignation’ there is a tremendous need for employers to continue to develop, train, and enable their employees. Employers are facing failed compliance efforts, ineffective training practices, and lack of content availability when trying to upskill their workforces,” shared Robbie Abt, CEO. “Meeting employees where they are, and how they want to learn, is a challenge that organizations of all sizes continue to face,” Abt continued, “maintaining a highly-skilled and compliant workforce is possible with the right tools and technology.” Learnsoft is combating the challenges faced by employers by continually optimizing their LMS and TMS platforms, including improvements in the product’s interface to provide a more seamless user experience, as well as enhanced modules and features.

The Team is Growing

Learnsoft’s rapid growth has called for several new hires across marketing, customer success and technology. The most recent hire being Craig Connell, SVP of Technology and Engineering to lead technology and engineering teams as the organization continues to build a scalable and process-oriented technology and engineering strategy. His experience in venture capital as well as SaaS-based complex enterprise technologies will help Learnsoft deliver the best cloud-based LMS technology to highly regulated industries.

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