Leapsome launches Free Meetings Module


Leapsome, the intelligent people platform for employee and manager enablement, is doubling down on its commitment to helping companies drive business success and make work fulfilling. Starting, Leapsome’s high-impact Meetings module will be free for all users, giving managers the tools to effectively align, engage, and develop their teams in a resource-constrained economy.

In Leapsome’s Workforce Trends Report – which surveyed 2,500 global professionals – employees revealed that half of their meetings are a waste of time, and one-third have no agenda. This is an alarming finding, considering other studies have shown that people spend more time in meetings today than in years past. Ensuring this time is spent productively is critical for individual, team, and business success. Unproductive meeting culture has led some organizations to eliminate meetings altogether or set strict guardrails around when and how they occur.

Meeting efficiency is key to driving alignment and productivity in a challenging macroeconomic environment where managers are asked to do more with less. The ability to run effective meetings is core to manager effectiveness in times of change. This makes the Leapsome Meetings module especially valuable in today’s rapidly evolving hybrid workplace environment.

When a meeting’s true power is unlocked, it drives engagement and collaboration and can help with culture-building and business strategy execution. Impactful meetings require detailed planning, advance preparation, clear documentation, and consistent follow-up.

Leapsome Meetings is flexible for running any type of meeting, from 1:1s to team meetings to all-hands and everything in between. Over 3.6 million meetings have already been powered by Leapsome.

The now free module includes the following capabilities:

  • Collaborative Agendas allow people to jointly create agendas before the meeting even starts. Each meeting then begins with a clear agenda that allows effective meeting management and reduces wasted time. Templates facilitate best-practice meeting management.
  • Unlimited Attendees so you can run anything from a 1:1 to a team meeting to a company-wide all-hands. Leapsome allows both internal colleagues and external participants (such as freelancers or project partners from other companies) to participate.
  • Action Items & Next Steps capture task owners directly in the meeting to ensure transparency and accountability for effective follow-up.

“People-first organizations must empower managers with the leadership skills, tools, and insights required to be productive, build good habits, and offset overwhelm. In 2024, many organizations expect managers to do more with less, but if managers are ineffective – and if meetings are disorganized or unproductive – companies are depriving people of the ability to meet their full potential,” said Jenny von Podewils, co-CEO and co-founder of Leapsome. “Leapsome Meetings was designed to solve this problem, making effective meeting management a seamless experience. We believe every organization should have the tools to make their workplace as productive as possible regardless of budget, so we are excited to launch this for free.”

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