Kumospace releases the Kumospace mobile app

Users can now join virtual office spaces, workshops, webinars, and other meetings hosted on Kumospace, and engage with speakers and other participants in real-time from their mobile devices


Kumospace, the leading immersive virtual office experience, today announced the highly anticipated release of the Kumospace mobile app, now available for download on iOS and Android devices. Kumospace mobile offers a cutting-edge virtual office space experience with a user-friendly interface and next-generation features that empower users to connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. The new mobile app compliments Kumospace’s desktop app that has been connecting employees in a collaborative space since 2021.  Whether it’s attending client calls, hosting team meetings, or socializing with friends, Kumospace mobile allows people to connect in a whole new way – from anywhere.

“As we unleash the power of Kumospace onto a mobile platform, we are not just releasing an app, but rather a doorway to boundless creativity, connection, and collaboration,” said Co-Founder & President of Kumospace, Brett Martin. “Our vision has always been to empower people to create and interact in virtual environments with ease, first with our web and desktop apps – and now with the launch of our mobile app, we’re breaking down barriers and opening a world of possibilities for anyone with a smartphone. We’re excited to see the innovative ways in which our users will utilize Kumospace to shape the future of virtual communication and collaboration.”

Kumospace makes water cooler moments possible across devices – colleagues can pop in and out of virtual offices and conference rooms and naturally strike up passing conversations, rebuilding a sense of camaraderie that would otherwise be lost on traditional video conferencing software. Users can personalize their virtual spaces with custom backgrounds, furniture, and decor to create distinctive environments that reflect the style and branding of the host or office, creating an environment to mirror a physical office space. The platform can host team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or presentations in customizable virtual spaces with various interactive tools, such as screen sharing, whiteboards, and polls – now all accessible on mobile.

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