Korn Ferry announces the launch of Korn Recruit, Nimble

The global organizational consulting company, Korn Ferry has announced the launch of its new virtual, fully integrated solution for catering to hiring practices in high volume. This new solution is a part of the line of Nimble solutions of the company. Korn Ferry has reported to the hrtech news arena that this solution makes use of the best of breed AI technology besides the proven intellectual property of the company. The company reported that it has designed the new solution in a way that it can leverage the brand of the customer, make the shift to a better experience that is candidate-driven by sourcing, making assessments and then selecting the right candidates for the said job and role at quite a reasonable cost per hire.

Jeanne MacDonald, the president at Korn Ferry global RPO solutions stated that Nimble is quite an effective and efficient solution for companies that have the requirement of quickly ramping up high-volume recruiting. The tool assists in widening the net of qualified people along with creating various success profiles that make sure that the candidates that possess the required and correct skills are shot-listed. Nimble provides a better, more positive candidate experience in digital and virtual ecosystems that maximize the possibility that the person will accept the offer and continue to stay in the company.

The company further added that Nimble begins at the start of the journey of high-volume hiring by first developing and creating success profiles that will figure out the attributes of the candidates that are required for being successful in the given role. This makes sure that the right person who fits perfectly in the job is selected as well as increasing the possibility of longer tenure after acceptance.

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