Joonko launches Remote-Ready, a tool for D&I remote recruiting


The company that delivers automation solutions for assisting organizations with diversity recruiting, Joonko, has announced that the company has launched a tool for aiding employers in realizing as much benefit as possible from efforts for D&I when moving towards remote working. This tool is called Remote-Ready. The hrtech news community has always backed the efforts towards D&I incorporation.

This tool analyzes the future workforce of a company for building recommendations on which roles and departments would derive the most advantages when swinging towards remote work. The dashboard of Remote-Ready makes estimations about what cost-saving efforts relating to HR and overhead could be realized while also estimating the potential exposure to diverse potential employees as adjustments are made to recruitment processes for filling these roles.

The tool also delivers forecasting of higher levels about what the remote or partially remote and diverse workforce of the company could look like sometime in the future.

The company stated that this tool complements the core software of the diversity-recruiting of Joonko. The software is layered on top of the existing recruitment solutions or ATS of the employers for matching diverse talent pools to the vacant positions.

Ilit Raz, CEO, Joonko commenting on the tool stated that the remote work has the tendency of equating to better standards of D&I, and organizations that are not well prepared for modifying themselves according to the same in the remote work world, will not able to juice out the maximum D&I as well as economic benefits.

The markets have displayed quite a growth for D&I technology lately. And this tool will prove to be beneficial for both companies and well candidates.

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