Treehoppr announces the unveiling of Referral Booster, candidate referral app for Slack


The leader in software solutions for helping businesses in better managing and engaging their workforce, Treehoppr, has announced that the company has launched a seamless candidate referral application for Slack, Referral Booster. The hrtech news arena has noted the growth of applications like Slack and different integrations in it.

Referral Booster is the newest medal on the product suite of employee-friendly human resource solutions portfolio of Treehoppr, including the #1 Slack app, PTO Ninja for tracking time off.

The hiring processes have several pieces, and one of the most imperative pieces is employee referrals which is also one of the most effective practices when it comes to sourcing high-quality candidates. But, many traditional HR solutions have no such simple provisions of promoting job listings and encouraging internal referrals. Though a lot of organizations offer different other incentives and bonuses for these candidate referrals, most of the time employees are not even aware of specific job vacancies and do not engage in these processes.

Kevin Corliss, the CEO, and founder of Treehoppr made a statement saying that even during such economically uncertain times, there are friends who want to help their friends, there in-demand people who are still in-demand, and there are still a lot of teams that continue to grow. Kevin further added that as a matter of fact, the majority of tech companies are hiring actively even now, but they require a better way of finding amazing candidates. This tool, Referral Booster will be seen facilitating candidate connections that will prove to be invaluable via networks of employees in such a way that the process becomes quick, intuitive, and engaging. The tool will include features like, digestible slack interface, emergency/need-based filtration, gamification of referrals, etc.

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