Is Employee wellbeing Redefining the pillars of HR Functions?

Employee wellness

With Employee wellness, Employee engagement & Employee experience defining the core HR functions & company learn what more is in store for the future.

It is no surprise that a lucid mind and enduring anatomy are elemental for a person to be able to perform with utmost efficiency. The global outbreak of a deadly virus knocked on the significance of health and wellness into the entire world. People now, more than ever, are extremely cautious and observant about their wellbeing. Moving from physical offices to the confinement of their homes, employees have also realized that their mental health is something that is being hindered.

Engaging the employees while also scouring their mental and physical health has become a challenge for employers all around the globe. Human Resource Executive, in an early COVID-19 article, stated that 88% of workers surveyed, reported experiencing moderate to extreme stress over the past 4-6 weeks. The numbers are alarming and the pandemic is the one to set it off. But that doesn’t mean that it is solely to be held responsible for the jolted state of health of the employees.

Several end-to-end HR solutions have employee wellness tools or practices integrated within them. These tools figuratively take care of the wellbeing of the employees. Companies at a large scale are also adopting various strategies that will sublime the spirits of the workforce while ensuring they are at their best state of fitness.

The marketplace comprises of specific corporate wellness providers that offer a range of diverse products and solutions that are designed to cater to achieving and maintaining the highest form of employee wellness.

Employees are given a set array of benefits that are meant to be utilized if and when the employee needs to. Virgin Pulse had launched a new solution that allowed employees to navigate through their benefits while keeping an eye on their health IDs and plans. Another of its newly announced product has the capability to check the staff for symptoms while they find and pay for the most appropriate health plan as per their requirement. Such solutions save the workers a ton of hassle when they are in the actual need of a package or deal to take care of their health.

Wellness is also about experience and care. A valuable experience stimulates cognitive functioning that leads to productivity as well as employees wanting to wallow in work. Limeade went on to innovate its platform by instilling the element of care in it. The newly configured solution is a better listener that quickly showcases all the data and makes recommendations accordingly, Safety incident reporting, health checks, Q&As, return to work guides, benefits wallet, the virus activity library, and a few other features. Limeade aims at offering an experience that the employees would cherish all along earnestly looking out for their wellness.

Work From Home has made a foothold in the business landscape and it let’s just accept it, we would all like to WFH on demand. Which is why organizations are scraping for strategies and practices that will ensure employee wellness even from home. Treo happened to recently launch Work-From-Anywhere employee as a wellness benefit. While big tech firms such as Google decided to offer its employees another Friday as a collective wellbeing holiday after offering one earlier to recover from WFH burnout. OYO too happened to provide its staff with a surprise holiday along with discounted rates on membership. Another interesting initiative was by an on-demand video wellbeing provider, Grokker that announced a redesigning of its incentives program to not only give employees higher flexibility but also accelerate employee engagement.

Employees today should not shy away from demurring any activities that pose a challenge to their health and wellness. Even though the mindscapes have broadened and companies are more open to the talks of mental and physical health, there’s still work to be done in terms of the operations and corporate practices. Debunking the reluctance towards change will lead to further improvements in the wellness ecosystem.

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