iLearningEngines and ULTS Partner to Revolutionize Corporate Training

iLearningEngines’ Microverse AI Engine Creates Targeted, Multi-Media Training Courses, Reducing the Timeline and Resources Needed to Deploy Trainings


iLearningEngines, Inc, a leader in AI-powered learning and work automation, announced the launch of the Microverse AI Engine with UL Technology Solutions (“ULTS”), an IT service provider based in Kerala, India. The Microverse AI Engine is set to transform how ULTS manages content creation and training for over 450 employees.

ULTS’ large staff fulfills many different roles and responsibilities by using various skillsets and workflows. As part of its mission to provide large companies with the latest technologies, ULTS needed to train developers on how to use an AI-powered analytics platform. However, there were limited courses available online and the analytics platform’s learning content was often not user friendly.

“Our journey with iLearningEngines has transformed how we manage learning and development at ULTS,” said Shaina Sameer, Head of Learning and Development at ULTS. “I am excited about the future possibilities Microverse and iLearningEngines’ Learning Automation platform offers ULTS, enhancing our ability to train and educate a growing, dispersed workforce in the exact educational areas they need to help drive themselves and our organization forward.”

ULTS needed a learning automation system that could be tailored to its environment, learnings and patterns. The trainings also needed to be customized to match the role of the employee assigned to take the course, and strategically assembled with engaging content for maximum retention of information. Microverse, an AI Engine in the iLearningEngines platform, is designed to deliver targeted, scalable learning solutions across various functions. The course and content creation tool utilizes AI to consume and repurpose data from both internal and external sources, while the iLearningEngines Learning Automation platform’s robust tracking systems, configurable dashboards, and mobile accessibility ensure every employee engages with consistent, impactful learning experiences. Each individual’s training status and progress updates are instantly available through the Learning Automation platform.

“When ULTS shared their requirement of building a training program on a complex technical subject, we knew that the Microverse AI Engine would be the ideal fit for them as we could help accelerate content creation for the learning team and help users get trained in a short time,” said Ratish Nair, AVP, Sales and Business Development at iLearningEngines. “Historically, developing a comprehensive course like this would have required a team of specialists: a data analytics engineer, a Microsoft engineer, and a learning development manager, and would require several weeks to complete. We were able to roll this out in just two weeks.”

Leveraging Microverse, ULTS can create interactive courses featuring multimedia content including videos, interactive quizzes, knowledge checks and assessments. These richer, more comprehensive multimedia training components keep users engaged and ensure maximum information retention when training courses are completed.

Ultimately, iLearningEngines’ Microverse AI Engine has enabled ULTS to train employees on the use of a new, cutting-edge technology platform in less time than was possible using ULTS’ legacy training approach. The portfolio of AI Engines found on iLearningEngines’ Learning and Work Automation platform also equips ULTS with the necessary tools for future AI initiatives, enabling ULTS to meet the varying functional needs of their customers across industries.

“Partnering with iLearningEngines as our AI technology provider was an obvious choice for us. Their ability to deliver cross-industry and cross-functional AI applications aligns perfectly with our vision,” said Murali Gopalan, CEO of ULTS. “What makes iLearningEngines stand out is their proven track record in creating configurable and scalable AI solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of industries”

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