Hunt Club Gives Techstars Companies New Unfair Advantage to Reach High-Caliber Talent

New Advantage to Reach Talent
Techstars Companies New Advantage to Reach Talent

Techstars, the leading worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, joins forces with Hunt Club, a new kind of talent company, giving the 1,700 Techstars portfolio companies the upper hand when hiring game-changing talent.

“In today’s tight talent market, attracting and reaching high-quality candidates is a top challenge for founders. We’re in an age crowded with cold-calls and spam,” said Nick Cromydas, CEO and co-founder, Hunt Club. “The only way to cut through the noise is by leveraging relationships and networks built on trust.”

Techstars searched for a solution and turned to Hunt Club — knowing the best candidates live within their massive network of more than 10,000 mentors and 300,000 alumni, across 150 countries.

“The world of talent is changing and we needed a partner that understands the future needs of game-changing companies,” said Sabrina Kelly, VP of Talent, Techstars. “We wanted more than just another service provider, but a trusted partner that understood the value of the network and what can happen when you leverage technology to power it.”

The partnership combines the Techstars network with Hunt Club’s talent expertise, leading-edge technology, and unlocks access to the 5 million potential candidate referrals that would come from 10,000 subject matter experts, giving Techstars portfolio companies an immediate avenue to vetted talent.

“We couldn’t think of a better talent partner to transform the space with,” said Cromydas. “Techstars already believes in the power of the network. Now it’s time to deliver high-level talent to Techstars’ network and help companies find their next leader.”

“When serving our companies, we look for partners who can leverage the power of relationships to find game-changing talent,” said Kelly. “We’re excited to grow the relationship with Hunt Club to power our current portfolio and other organizations into the future.”

The Techstars and Hunt Club partnership begins September 25 and Hunt Club is offering complimentary candidate profile assessments when signing up. Hunt Club’s services are available to the entire Techstars network. For more information and program details, visit


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