HR Tool, Deputy, Partners with Workato to Help Scale Business

High growth workforce company taps into Workato’s enterprise automation platform to streamline business operations

HR Tool, Deputy, Partners with Workato

Workato, the leading enterprise automation platform, announced today that workforce management platform Deputy will begin utilizing Workato to help scale and transform its current business processes as well as solve data discrepancies. With the help of Workato’s integration-led automation approach, tasks that used to take up to 30-minutes to complete now take seconds.

Deputy is a platform that helps millions of hourly-paid workers solve common problems they face daily such as tracking their time and attendance, clocking in and out, and making team communication simple. The team quickly discovered discrepancies across its data between operational systems.

“We knew we were scaling fast but didn’t have the right tools to do so,” said Ashik Ahmed, co-founder, and CEO of Deputy. “It became more and more clear that we not only had discrepancies across our data but also we had accumulated a lot of technical debt over the years and we’re seeing a growing need from team members to be able to integrate data across teams.”

With Workato, Ahmed and his team are able to start and finish integrations in a matter of days that would take up to a month to complete with other approaches and manage the integrations with non-technical resources. This in return allows the engineers to focus on building the company’s core product, as well as provide better customer support through accessible data across teams.

“The automation tools that Workato provides open up a lot of possibilities for the entire company and allow us to do our jobs at a fast, more succinct rate,” says Ahmed. “We were able to lighten the load on our engineering team so that they now have more time to re-prioritize their tasks and focus on building the product. Workato has helped our thriving systems and in turn our thriving workforce.”

“Enterprise automation has become a key part of a company’s journey when looking to scale and transform,” said John Deeb, Strategic Country Manager at Workato. “Deputy is a great example of how enterprise automation empowers companies to become unstoppable. Since implementing Workato to help overhaul its customer journey, Deputy has seen 6X faster customer response rates and consistent customer data across multiple platforms. We are excited to be a part of their impact on the livelihoods of millions of workers around the globe.”

To date, Deputy has implemented enterprise automation in other parts of their business like the HR and Marketing functions. They connected BambooHR and Slack with their own Deputy platform to streamline onboarding and other processes. The company also implemented automation for compliance, which ensures that when people opt out of marketing information, they’re automatically opted out from every system.

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