HotSchedules announces the launch of a new Health Survey in-app tool


The leading workforce and HR management platform for hospitality and restaurant industries, HotScedules, Now Powered by Fourth has announced that the company has launched a new Health Survey in-app tool which developed keeping in the mind the assistance to be provided to operators for preventing the spread of the COVID-19 as well as other diseases. The hrtech news arena reports that this tool has limited availability. This new tool of survey will prompt the work staff to answer a series of questions on the application of HotSchedules. These surveys include questions relating to the health of the employees in advance of them showing up to their workplace and shift. This ensures the provision of a consistent and accessible system to assist the operators in determining if the staff is in a healthy state for interacting with other employees and the guests before they come into the location of the workplace.

With the ease of lockdown restrictions, many organizations are considering the best possible ways of reopening their workplaces across the country, which is when the company noticed the need of having a system of Health Survey solution in place that would not only keep the wellbeing of employees and guests at priority but also protect the organizations from temporary closures. As soon as the employees open the application, they will be given prompts to record their answers to the health screening questions which are developed in accordance with the guidelines from CDC. After that, a list of staff will be generated which will show a distinct view of employees who can and who cannot be considered eligible for working on that day. It also gives the employer names of employees who didn’t take the survey.

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