CodeSignal available for purchase and renewal via AWS Marketplace

CodeSignal makes it simple to buy or renew their technical hiring solutions


CodeSignal, a technical interview and assessment platform, today announced that it is available for purchase and renewal via Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors.

AWS users can use their committed cloud spend to adopt CodeSignal’s Pre-Screen, Tech Screen, and Interview solutions, which all provide advanced job simulation technology to hire high-quality and diverse technical talent.

Prospective and current CodeSignal customers can now take advantage of several benefits that come with purchasing software through AWS Marketplace including simplifying the procurement process, consolidated billing and renewal management, leveraging a budgeting source via AWS purchase power agreements (PPA), and meeting AWS spends minimum to qualify for larger discounts via enterprise discount program (EDP).

“We’ve prioritized our AWS Marketplace presence to provide our customers with a simplified procurement experience that also contributes to AWS cost optimization,” says Arturo Marin, Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales at CodeSignal. “With this customer-centric approach, we’re able to strengthen our customers’ ability to implement our solution and optimize their technical hiring process.”

Customers can leverage AWS committed funds to improve their technical hiring process with CodeSignal’s automated and live technical interviewing solutions. CodeSignal’s pre-screen evaluations and technical screen interviews use Skills Evaluation Frameworks to ensure customers receive a strong indicator of candidate skill. CodeSignal Interview utilizes a realistic coding environment to deliver a superior candidate experience and scale technical interviews quickly. With an AWS listing, users can use their committed cloud spend to implement CodeSignal’s solutions quickly and efficiently.

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