HireSure launches re-employment assistance service

HireSure.ai, a HRTech Startup has launched a re-employment assistance service for employers

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As nowadays HRTech News have flooded with steps being taken towards betterment and safety of employees, today hrtech startup HireSure.ai has launched a re-employment assistance service for employers who have laid off or are looking at shedding staff and wish to help such people in finding alternative jobs.

The company also noted that the numerous new job offers across sectors placed through its platform has reduced by 75% in the past few weeks.

Many firms, including several large tech startups, recently announced lay-offs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and slowing down of economic activity.

Vineet Dwivedi, a co-founder and CEO of HireSure.ai said that their conversations with a large number of employers in the last month revealed that while they have been forced to lay off highly valuable employees, they are equally regretful and want to do everything they can to help these employees find alternate jobs quickly. He added that these discussions guided the development of the re-employment assistance service that matches high-quality talent with job openings for relevant positions, and also helps speed up the recruitment process.

Mr Dwivedi also said that by virtue of running an employment depository, they already have a view on vacancies among a large number of employers including their clients. Through extensive use of algorithms and data, they want to help maintain a balance in demand and supply in the talent ecosystem.

However, the service is only available through employers and employees cannot use this service directly. He also added that it can be enabled for one or more affected employees by the erstwhile employer on the HireSure platform. The service also needs prior and explicit consent from all affected employees for whom re-employment assistance is sought.

HireSure works with about 250 firms spread across industries such as fintech, data sciences, gaming, education and travel, including companies like Edureka, Tracxn, Springworks, ClassPlus, and Gameskraft.

Dwivedi said no employer has withdrawn existing offers, and companies are still rolling out new job offers for technology-focused roles. These recruitments are mainly happening at mid-level, where work experience of candidate’s ranges in between four years to seven years.


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