Good4work Celebrates Microsoft’s VIVA Position in Employee Experience


To accelerate its Team engagement desktop service for distributed teams and hybrid workspaces, Good4work has joined the Microsoft commercial marketplace and signed a Microsoft Publisher Agreement and an Office Store Application Provider agreement.

Good4work, a San Francisco-based Team engagement SaaS tool with a high-performing team culture builder feature, promotes a modern managerial way for Team engagement. The company entered the public market in May after one year in Beta, and a design revamped in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to reinvent new ways of managing their distributed teams. They’ve realized that a modern management focus with a culture of trust and empathy at its core would contribute greatly to winning the competitive war to attract and retain talents.

“Customers are looking for new employee experience tools that are easy-to-use, inspiring, and connected to their communication tool. We saw very early on the rise of Microsoft Teams among our customers as a tool to connect to Good4work. Now with Microsoft Viva, Microsoft’s new employee experience platform, we can go even further. Good4work is a natural extension to further customize their team management processes with talent recognition, continuous feedback, and team impact features,” said Geraldine Woloch-Addamine, Founder and CEO of Good4work.

Any company today with a distributed team – whether hybrid or remote – (Gartner estimates that in more than 70% of manager-employee relationships, either the manager or the employee will be working remotely at least some of the time) must adjust its team processes by promoting and living out the values of collaboration and trust to build or maintain a high-performing culture. Good4work does this with digital routines triggered from Microsoft Teams to identify and recognize people’s strengths or positive impact, welcome people, or show appreciation within a team framework without slowing down the work.

Ultimately, these people’s data combined with coaching or continuous feedback messages within the application, and other talent management features. facilitate a fair performance management assessment.

“More than ever, HR processes need to be more and more integrated within the daily workflow of managers, starting with performance or talent management. These processes owned by the Manager firsthand help HR focus on more strategic projects to meet the business expectations or include an increasingly more diverse workforce,” added Mrs. Woloch-Addamine.

Ingmar Boon, Business App Strategic Recruit lead, Microsoft said, “I am excited to announce that Good4work has joined Microsoft Teams’ ecosystem. Through its integration with Microsoft Teams, Good4work can offer an easier workflow for Team management and engagement for customers and partners.”

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