Fortive Acquires Hourly Worker Human Resources Tool, TeamSense


Led by Manufacturing Industry Insiders, TeamSense Democratizes Hourly Worker Attendance and Communication with Text-Based Tech

After a successful launch as a COVID symptom tracker tool for the hourly workforce on July 1, 2020, TeamSense, the leading app-free, text-based human resources tool for hourly workers in the manufacturing space was acquired on July 7, 2021 by the Fortive Corporation (“Fortive”) (NYSE: FTV). TeamSense is the first spinout company from a joint innovation studio created by Seattle, Washington-based Pioneer Square Labs and Everett, Washington headquartered Fortive. Adding to its portfolio of more than 20 companies, TeamSense joins similar Fortive companies such as Fluke, Textronix and Industrial Scientific.

“At the height of the pandemic, we empowered a small team of manufacturing veterans to quickly develop and scale a brilliant app-free, COVID-19 symptom-tracker for essential hourly workers”, said Kirsten Paust, Vice President of Fortive Business System Office. “Because they knew the factory workers’ needs so well, it was incredibly successful and evolved into a digital suite of app-free tools. TeamSense now tracks attendance, provides an on-demand ESS portal, and more. At a time in history where 90% of workplace tech innovations serve the 20% of the workforce that is office-bound, TeamSense is bringing tech to the 80% of the workforce who really need it and are overdue for their share.”

“From my days at Whirlpool, and GM, I had firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of a manufacturing operation. It was clear; there is a large opportunity to innovate for the hourly-employee – on their terms. Our mission at TeamSense is to support, engage and enable the hourly employee – an often-overlooked segment of the workforce with innovation that works for the way they work,” said Sheila Stafford, CEO and Cofounder of TeamSense. “Now that we are officially part of Fortive, we can be laser focused on delivering on our mission,  as opposed to securing our next round of VC investment.”

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