Financial Wellness and Payroll Solution Provider AnyDay Launched


AnyDay, the first vertically integrated provider of end-to-end on-demand wages and other financial wellness solutions worldwide, launched.

AnyDay, the first vertically integrated provider of end-to-end on-demand Payroll and other financial wellness solutions globally, launched.

AnyDay puts cash in the pockets of people by enabling employees to access their salary whenever they want. Unlike its competitors, AnyDay has developed its own payments infrastructure. With no middleman in the process, AnyDay delivers on-demand salary cheaper than anyone else and will be able to deliver other financial wellness solutions, like cashback on purchases, savings and budgeting accounts, faster and better than anyone else.

AnyDay will start working immediately on its mission to help employers support their employees. It has signed several clients and partnered with a top-tier workforce management company to deliver on-demand payroll solutions to its 1.5 million users in North America and Australia.

Employers want to help their employees with improving their finances, both to meet the requirements of their workforce and to improve their bottom line. Even before COVID-19 struck, over 70% of Americans were living paycheck-to-paycheck. A similar percentage of employees said that they would prefer to work for an employer that offered financial planning tools. A study by Harvard Kennedy School has found that the provision of financial wellness services like on-demand pay of accrued Payroll benefits not only employees but also employers through decreased recruiting costs, greater retention and enhanced employee productivity.

Gerard Griffin, CEO of AnyDay said that “Employers and employees both win from on-demand pay of accrued wages. We’re really excited about leveraging our payments infrastructure to deliver best-in-class financial wellness solutions at low-to-no-cost, beginning with providing employees immediate access to earned wages.”

AnyDay is a QRails company. QRails is a cloud-based, API driven issuer-processor enabling clients in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Australia to deliver innovative digital payment solutions.

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