Evolution of the Hiring Process

Outsourcing payroll and other related services for employees is gaining traction in the industry. But is it going to be the future of hiring?

Hiring Process

Employees are the foundation of a strong and long-lasting organization, so be sure to find the top employees who best fit your process to achieve the company’s goals and take care of them throughout this journey. To achieve this, the hiring process is critical to the company’s success, as are other processes.

The hiring process has evolved and is adopting new methodologies to streamline the process. This evolving process will be the focus of this blog, also we will discuss the future of the hiring process and other related issues with this topic. 

History of the hiring process

The recruitment process is ancient. In 1650, for example, Henry Robinson proposed an office for addresses and meetings that would bring employers and employees together. When he proposed this to the British Parliament, his proposal was rejected, but he did not give up. He went ahead and founded the employment office on his own. At that point, his goal had not yet been achieved, but the vision behind it was revolutionary.

But after Edison’s efforts, there were many other people who tried to find a way to work with people they think are the best to achieve their goals. Thomas Edison made the same effort at the beginning of the 20th century. He developed a series of exams with 150 questions that he asked applicants to weed out those who he felt did not have the necessary knowledge, and here we can relate the job interviews of our century to Edison’s approach.

The technology in the recruitment of candidates

The way candidates are hired took a new direction in 1994 when the job board Monster offered a user-friendly interface that directly connected job seekers and employers. Since then, there are several platforms where you can find the job that you think is a better fit for you. The LinkedIn platform is very powerful, and we recommend everyone open an account and benefit from the network as well as the other networks.

Technology has helped make the hiring process easier for both companies and candidates because you can find a job and save time at the same time.

The future of the hiring process through technology is very promising as it involves automation, strategic planning, and better integration with business goals.

Tips for improving the hiring process in your company

  • Build a strong employer brand

Make an effort to have a strong employer brand, because people are more likely to apply for open positions if they see the employer actively maintaining its brand by responding to reviews, updating the company profile, and sharing news about the company culture and work environment.

  • Make sure you explain important aspects in a job description

When you post a job, it is very important to explain the most important things: the requirements, the benefits you will have, the physical work location, the application deadline, and other things.

  • Be active on social media 

Social media platforms are a very important aspect that can help you find the best candidates for your company. Therefore, be active on social networks, update your company news, your job postings, and other important things related to your company.

  • Optimize for mobile

According to studies, 90% of job seekers use a mobile device when looking for a new job opportunity, therefore make sure to optimize your website, posts, and news for mobile devices. 

  • Collaborate with an EOR company

EOR stands for Employer Of Record, which is a company that takes over as the legal employer for payroll, employment taxes, benefits administration, and other aspects. Collaborating with a professional EOR service provider, you will improve your hiring process, for many reasons, some of which we listed below:

  • It will contribute to the growth of your business: by working with a registered employer, your company can be present in several places at the same time. This, in turn, will help your business grow and expand. 
  • Conserve resources: working with an EOR company can save you a lot of time and other resources. 
  • They can help you find the best people: Since they are professionals in this field, they know many people and can easily connect you with them.


Finding and hiring the employees you need for your business is a very important aspect for all companies. Therefore, you should make sure that every step of the hiring process, from the application to the acceptance of the applicant, is completed. Therefore, follow some tips to improve this process: Build a strong employer brand, explain the important aspects of the job description, be active on social media, optimize for mobile devices, and work with an EOR company that will facilitate your hiring process in a professional manner.

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