Oyster Launches its Guided Hiring Process

Oyster's Guided Hiring Process makes it 4x faster to hire and onboard global talent


Oyster, the global employment platform that empowers companies to hire, pay, and care for their global teams across more than 180 countries, today announced the launch of its Guided Hiring Process.

Oyster’s Guided Hiring Process reduces the complexity of global hiring, while unlocking access to a larger pool of global talent. Overall, it is four times faster than manual global hiring processes.

The Guided Hiring Process accomplishes this through Automated Global Hiring, which provides country-specific insights that build attractive packages and generate compliant agreements automatically, enabling hiring managers to review them in real time. Its Local Benefits Package offers predetermined benefits packages that are tailored to and competitive in the country where the company is seeking to hire talent. Additionally, Oyster’s Equity solution aims to allow hiring managers to build equity into every job offer with ease by providing guidance on legal risks associated with offering global equity and by taking on the lengthy admin work that come with tax withholding and reporting requirements.

The Guided Hiring Process is centered around a virtual hiring assistant–Pearl–who guides hiring managers through an end-to-end automated process. Pearl provides recommendations on what a competitive offer looks like based on a candidate’s seniority and local market, and helps hiring managers request team member information efficiently by collecting, tracking, and storing information on Oyster.

“As a workforce, we’re at an exciting inflection point. There is an enormous talent pool seeking new remote opportunities — and they’re no longer burdened by physical location. Whether you’re a hiring manager in San Francisco or San Marino, you now have incredible access to talent all around the world,” said Tony Jamous, co-founder and CEO of Oyster. “Our Guided Hiring Process has local expertise built right in to simplify the global hiring and onboarding process for companies scaling their distributed workforce. We’re removing the barriers associated with hiring global talent while unlocking life changing opportunities for individuals living in emerging markets.”

Oyster’s mission is to remove the barriers to cross-border employment so that employers can tap into the global talent pool, creating better opportunities for workers, while also creating more inclusive workplaces. Oyster, founded in January 2020, announced a $150 million Series C at a $1 billion valuation in April 2022. Oyster aims to see more than $1 billion injected into emerging economies by global companies by 2024.

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