Everee unveils Automated Payroll Powered by AI

Everee's AI-powered system simplifies payroll with a fully automated process, eliminating manual tasks and paving the way for companies to implement daily payroll


Everee, a leading payroll technology company making it easy to pay workers instantly, announced the launch of Auto Payroll, an AI-powered solution that fully automates payroll for both hourly and salaried employees. Auto Payroll is the company’s latest addition to a suite of tools aimed at enabling businesses to implement faster pay for workers into their payroll processes.

“At Everee, we’re not just trying to make payroll less painful, we want to take running payroll off a company’s to-do list entirely,” said Brett Barlow, Everee CEO. “Using AI to automate payroll means companies that want to pay their employees quicker will actually have the bandwidth to do so with confidence. By removing the need for manual reviews and approvals, it ensures that employees are paid accurately every time.”

Auto Payroll’s AI-driven technology learns companies’ payroll trends and histories, enabling it to spot any irregularities or abnormalities. It analyzes each employee’s past payment history and establishes what a typical payment is for that specific worker using a statistical algorithm to assess payment ranges. From there, it automatically flags any discrepancies for real-time review, ensuring that every paycheck is accurate. If no abnormalities exist, payroll runs automatically – all without the need to log in or perform any manual approval tasks.

While typical payroll processing involves several days’ worth of approvals, Auto Payroll simplifies the start-to-finish sequence and reduces the barriers associated with daily or instant payment adoption.

“When we first started offering daily payroll, some people were skeptical about what it would take to process payroll daily. Auto Payroll removes all the manual tasks, so companies can pay daily without adding more work,” said Barlow. “It’s our commitment to make payroll as effortless as possible and puts us one step closer to our vision of fast pay for every employee.”

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