Espresa Launches Modern Rewards and Recognition Module

Companies Can Now Easily and Meaningfully Reward Employee Performance


Espresa, the company that powers great workplaces, today announced the addition of a modern reward and recognition module to its employee programs automation platform.

The new module will allow human resources (HR) and benefits teams to easily introduce a new recognition program or enhance an existing program that needs a fresh look. Employees today are searching for personalized experiences and meaningful recognitions from both managers and colleagues–Espresa supports that philosophy by empowering clients with the tools to collect employee feedback, and make updates real-time regardless of their monetary value — such as destinations, “Employee of the Month” parking spots, dinner with the CEO, and access to company products and swag.

“Paperwork and tedious processes shouldn’t be a roadblock to employee recognition,” said Espresa CEO Alex Shubat. “We wanted to create a modern, intuitive user interface that would make it easier for organizations to recognize and reward their employees in meaningful ways. Trinkets and gift cards are nice, but they can also be impersonal. With our new rewards and recognition module, more meaningful rewards options are only two clicks away.”

Making Employee Rewards Easier and More Meaningful Espresa’s rewards and recognition module was built to make recognition of employee performance easy and intuitive:

  • Set up or enhance an existing program in just a couple of hours
  • Maintenance and program updates can be done in real time
  • Approval workflows and timing are fully customizable
  • Reward budgets can be controlled by HR and distributed downstream to departments, managers, and teams
  • Achievements can be clearly recorded and used for future performance reviews and employee retention efforts

“Employees want to feel valued for their hard work, especially if they’re working on a tough project or going the extra mile on the job,” said Gabrielle Toledano, former chief people officer at Tesla and Electronic Arts. “Being rewarded and recognized, especially in front of their peers, enhances that sense of appreciation and validates their contribution to the company.”

A Technology Built to Keep Employees Happy The rewards and recognition module is just the latest addition to an employee programs automation platform built from the ground up to keep employees aware of all the great benefits being offered by their employer and provide a consistently amazing employee experience regardless of the employee’s physical work location. Using the Espresa platform, employees can easily discover what is happening across all campuses, how and when to sign up, and where to provide feedback — all from one platform with a modern, consumer-grade UI experience. Any program can be run through the Espresa platform:

  • Yoga, meditation, massages, flu shots and other wellness offerings
  • Employee-run clubs and resource groups
  • Company events, seminars, picnics and holiday parties
  • Reimbursement and allowance management

The platform also eases the burden on corporate benefits teams by making it easy to scale workplace programs, track budget allocation vs. employee morale, and monitor how many of their total employees are taking advantages of the benefits and at what level. Administrators can see how their programs relate to employee satisfaction and retention, ensure that third-party vendors meet the compliance needs of the organization, and manage employee resource groups and clubs — a feature that no other software offers.

“Recognizing employee performance with some level of consistency is paramount to keeping a highly productive and energetic workforce engaged” said Luis Doffo, VP of Sales at Espresa. “Traditional rewards systems built from catalogs of “chachkies” are not relevant in today’s millennial centric workforce. These same rewards create a negative gap between the company’s cost of the reward vs. the value an employee places on the reward; Espresa helps eliminate the gap and establish a 1:1 value in the eyes of the employee.”

About Espresa 
Espresa empowers companies to provide world-class programs that employees love and associate with the best places to work. As the world’s first employee programs automation platform, Espresa is dedicated to helping benefits teams manage, scale and measure all their workplace employee programs. Companies can now easily manage their health, fitness and wellness programs; company events; lifestyle services; employee resources groups; and rewards, recognition and reimbursement programs.

Espresa is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Learn more at

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