Equilar and Equity Methods Partner to Enhance Monte Carlo Simulator


Equilar, a leader in executive intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its strategic partnership with Equity Methods, a premier provider of equity compensation solutions. This enhanced collaboration builds on the partnership established in 2022 when Equilar and Equity Methods introduced the Monte Carlo Simulator for relative TSR-based award valuations.

Equilar and Equity Methods launched the Monte Carlo Simulator to enable subscribers to quickly obtain rapid estimates of relative TSR award values as part of their pro forma modeling and planning processes. The tool was also developed to help companies address calculations required for the SEC’s Pay Versus Performance disclosure.

As part of the updated partnership, clients can now access a unified resource for both ASC 718-compliant Fair Valuations as well as unlimited, instant pro forma Monte Carlo valuations and modeling from the convenience of their Equilar subscription:

  • Independent Validation by Equity Methods: To ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability, clients now have the option to leverage Equity Methods’ expertise for independent validations. Equity Methods will perform five replications for each client rTSR plan in order to validate the results of Equilar’s Monte Carlo Simulator.
  • ASC 718-Compliant Fair Value Report: Equity Methods will also offer a grant-date fair valuation report specifically developed for ASC 718 financial reporting purposes. Used by the office of the CFO, this report is designed to provide clients with a robust and convenient fair value solution.

“Our enhanced partnership with Equity Methods underscores our commitment to providing our clients with the most accurate, reliable and compliant solutions for their equity valuation needs,” said David Chun, CEO and Founder at Equilar. “By combining our leading-edge technology with Equity Methods’ deep expertise in valuation and financial reporting, we are offering a comprehensive solution that sets a new standard in the industry.”

“Equity Methods and Equilar share a passion for making issuers’ lives better,” said Takis Makridis, President and CEO of Equity Methods. “Our goal is to make fair value compliance simple for Monte Carlo Simulator users. This partnership creates an easy way for issuers who enjoy hands-on Simulator access to address their compliance needs in a single package.”

The Monte Carlo Simulator is available as part of the Equilar Equity Valuation Center. Contact us to learn more about subscribing.

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