Equifax Workforce Solutions launches Forms HQ

New Solution Helps Employers Keep Up with Changing Regulations and Better Streamline the Employee Forms Experience 

Workforce Solutions

Equifax® Workforce Solutions continues to help businesses transform the employee experience with the launch of Forms HQ, a new offering designed to help automate the delivery, completion, and tracking of essential employee forms, including those related to onboarding, tax withholding, state requirements, annual notices, offboarding and more. It is the latest innovation within the PeopleHQ portal, an Equifax Cloud-native solution that brings together multiple best-in-class employer services in a single, more unified experience.

“Improving the employee experience is a top priority for HR professionals,” said Lisa Chall, General Manager, Onboarding, Equifax Workforce Solutions. “As HR leaders strive to keep up with changing government regulations, Forms HQ can help them get the right forms to the right people at the right time, making for a better employee experience and more streamlined HR processes.”

Forms HQ supports employers in four critical areas:

  • Employee Experience: provides guided processes, chat options, and a more accessible design that is compatible with any device, with both text and email notification options.
  • Regulatory: helps employers keep up with changing regulations and better deliver the right form at any time of the employee lifecycle — including onboarding, active employment and offboarding.
  • Automation: helps reduce manual tasks by streamlining employee packets with more configurable and automated actions to help drive workflows.
  • Applicant Review: offers ability to pull data from applicant tracking systems (ATS), which can reduce the amount of time from application to interview by helping minimize errors and providing a more detailed audit trail.

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