Talent Experience Management Leader Phenom Launches Integration


New self-service tools empower HRIT to better integrate, deploy and manage complex HR systems needed to scale talent experiences

Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced the launch of its Integration and Configuration Experience. The collection of intuitive self-service tools leverages automation to accelerate initial implementations and simplify ongoing change management. The new experience will reduce initial deployment time by four weeks and save Phenom customers 20,000 hours this year.

Today’s HR technology ecosystems rely on massive amounts of data passing between a talent experience platform, ATS, HCM and other systems. IT manages these connections with scarce tools and little-to-no support from HR tech vendors.

After analyzing 1,000-plus deployments, Phenom uncovered the most disruptive, chronic challenges that HRIT teams face. Custom-developed integrations are costly and time-consuming to write, especially when integrating job sync, apply and hiring status through APIs. Significant delays also occur while managing immense data migrations, which often yield formatting issues as well as lost and inaccurate data. After initial deployment, a lack of proactive monitoring leads to unexpected triaging, delaying resolutions through support tickets that can take days or weeks to resolve.

Collaborating directly with customers, Phenom’s product and engineering teams developed the Integration and Configuration Experience to overcome IT challenges by:

  • Creating a self-service interface that connects Phenom to complex systems.
  • Leveraging low-code/no-code for apply, hiring status and job sync integrations.
  • Automating bulk data migrations and formatting.
  • Enabling preconfigured form development.
  • Providing real-time alerts to ensure platform performance and stability.
  • Promoting privacy and security with enhanced data transparency.

“Too often, IT departments are falsely blamed for slow and painful software rollouts. In reality, connecting complex data sets and systems requires shared commitment from vendors,” said Tim Adair, director of product at Phenom. “HRIT teams will love the innovation and technology we’re bringing them. Phenom significantly reduces the cost and time required to uphold the sophisticated integration between Talent Experience Management, ATS and HCM platforms.”

Phenom Integration and Configuration Experience introduces Service Hub, Flow Studio (Integrations and Forms) and QA Hub. These interfaces provide access to functionality and control that is typically limited to the vendor. By eliminating lengthy change requests and barriers to self-service, Phenom is able to help HRIT professionals make changes faster.

  • Service Hub: Central location to access real-time notifications and monitoring alerts, manage API keys and credentials, create and configure user accounts, and own feature activation and configuration.
  • Flow Studio – Integrations: Low-code/no-code integration builder that connects Phenom to ATS, HCM and other applications. Users can create and customize automation workflows by selecting triggers and actions.
  • Flow Studio – Forms: Low-code/no-code form builder that allows non-developers to design, build and deploy talent community, event registration, and multi-step application forms that integrate seamlessly with other systems, including ATS and HCM.
  • Quality and Accessibility (QA) Hub: Automated testing tools to perform functional, integration and accessibility testing of user-facing Phenom sites and services.

With this innovation, Phenom continues to design personalized talent experiences for candidates, employees, recruiters and hiring managers. This is possible due to Phenom’s system of intelligence, which exists at the core of TXM’s vast network of data, contextual industry models and deep learning. Interpreting billions of events and human interactions, Phenom AI delivers personalization, conversation, insights and automation throughout the talent journey.

The power of Phenom’s intelligence is based on over 25 billion interactions per year — as well as 1 billion-plus candidate profiles across 180 countries; 400 million jobs, 154 million job titles and 27 million skills in multiple languages. In 2020, it was adopted by 25,000 recruiters, talent marketers and hiring managers — helping them hire over 2 million people and engage over 3 million employees.

To learn more about Phenom Integration and Configuration Experience, read the blog.

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