EOR Globalization Partners Helps Ecolex Achieve Expansion

Globalization Partners

When Opportunity Arises, They Can Easily Capitalize on Demand

Globalization Partners, which enables companies to hire anyone, anywhere, quickly, and easily, via its AI-driven, automated and fully compliant global Employer of Record (EOR) platform today announced that Ecolex, a leading bioscience based enterprise, is utilizing its solution to quickly and compliantly expand into new markets.

Ecolex needed to hire talent outside of their home base in the U.S., but when they evaluated the options, the company struggled to find a single solution that covered all their needs – especially when it came to staying on top of changing, complex international regulations.  They then turned to Globalization Partner’s end-to-end solution which not only provided a platform for payroll and expense management, but it also lifted the risk of hiring internationally. A main advantage: with its own entities around the world, Globalization Partners provides a local presence with a global reach.

“We needed to hire talent in Singapore and being able to rely on Globalization Partners which has a presence there makes our lives so much easier. No more time zone issues that had been occurring with our previous EOR provider or trouble working together,” said Rosalind Lee, Corporate Finance and Business Controller at Ecolex. “What’s more, Globalization Partners’ team addresses our needs and concerns no matter what time of day it is. They have compliance on lockdown, particularly pertaining to Employment Pass issues.”

From its primary business of producing vegetable-oil products in 2004, Ecolex has since diversified its portfolio to include dairy products and food ingredients, as well as personal and home care products. Ecolex is in growth mode and as the company turns its focus to one of the fastest-growing countries in Northeast Asia and other regions around the globe, the ability to have a local presence enables them to provide a more specialized, offering. Now, working with Globalization Partners, the company can quickly and easily seamlessly integrate teams of local talent in new markets wherever demand is detected.

“Our solution opens up the gateway to hiring talent anywhere in the world and is the most comprehensive in the EOR industry,” said Charles Ferguson, General Manager, Asia Pacific. “Our in-country experts can support any and all HR and compliance needs which is a game changer for companies like Ecolex who want to take advantage of new market opportunities now.”

“Globalization Partners’ platform provides total visibility of the teams we set up in other countries. We know that with a simple click, we can go into a new market which for us, will be Argentina next,” said Lee.

As an EOR, Globalization Partners allows companies to hire anywhere in the world by serving as the legal employer, handling payroll, taxes, and benefits, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations, freeing up companies to manage and direct the daily work of their team members.

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