eLearning Brothers announce the introduction of the first Post-Acquisition solution

eLearning Brothers have announced the introduction of a tool that is described by them as the first synergistic solution that has stemmed from the providers of tools, Trivantis and Edulence that were acquired in May. The hrtech news community has reported that this release is of an authoring tool.

The organization stated that this production is a new version of the Lectora toolset by Trivantis that combines the virtual reality, desktop, and web-based authoring capabilities with the eLearning Asset Library by eLearning Brothers.

Lectora 19 lets the authors work on either the cloud or their desktop device. This solution also includes Virtual Reality capabilities along with several templates for utilizing the eLearning Asset Library with many different third-party authoring tools.

The organization also stated that the products of the firm will aid it to meet the demand that is spiking for online, measurable, and personalized learning solutions from an expanding base of users. Andrew Scivally, the CEO, and co-founder of the firm stated this product was definitely designed to gear towards the telework force which is currently riding rapidly.

Trivantis and Edulence were acquired and this announcement was made in the month of May. eLearning Brothers also recently received an investment of $38 million from private equity companies Trinity Private Equity and RLG Capital that financed these acquisitions.

Travantis also offers a virtual reality course builder called the CenarioVR, in addition to offering Lectora. The other company, Edulence, provided customers with an LMS which is called Knowledgelink. During the time of the acquisition, the acquiring company, eLearning Brothers stated that they believe a unique learning ecosystem will be created by combining these organizations.

This three-way deal has created a one-stop-shop for the development of electronic courses as believed by the investors.

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