Eightfold AI Talent Tracking brings AI-native ATS to all Organizations


Eightfold AI, the leader in AI-powered talent intelligence, announced the availability of Eightfold Talent Tracking. This innovative applicant tracking system is the first AI-native, end-to-end talent acquisition experience.

Many companies today rely on applicant tracking systems (ATS), designed in the pre-AI and pre-skills era to manage their recruiting operations. With Eightfold Talent Tracking, organizations can streamline their HR technology investments and provide a cohesive experience for talent teams and candidates alike, eliminating the need for a standalone ATS. Notably, Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence platform will continue to provide value to enterprises independent of the underlying applicant tracking system used. Talent Tracking offers a powerful solution that allows any organization to concentrate on securing the best talent for their specific needs.

Eightfold Talent Tracking also significantly accelerates the speed at which leading organizations generate successful job offers to the best candidates, creating a strategic advantage against their competition. Talent Tracking generates required descriptions, recommends specific job-posting platforms, and allows hiring teams to make offers based on comparative compensation intelligence, which uses skill and offer intelligence during role creation, increasing the chance of offer acceptance.

“Talent Tracking is our latest leap into the future, a revolutionary tool that’s been designed from the ground up with responsible AI and unparalleled user experience top of mind,” said Ashutosh Garg, CEO of Eightfold AI. “It is engineered to optimize value, outcomes, productivity, and workplace happiness for all organizations. Moreover, we’re pioneering the integration of skills-based compensation into applicant tracking systems, empowering organizations to make informed talent decisions.”

Eightfold Talent Tracking transforms the HR function into a powerful strategic advantage. Customers will:

  • Estimate compensation bands based on the role and skills required for an open position, increasing likelihood of candidate acceptance
  • Deliver a unified recruiter experience, powered by AI Co-pilots, accelerating every step from requisition and offer management, to CRM
  • Elevate the candidate experience with fast, frictionless and personalized offer management with best-in-class pre-onboarding integrations
  • Drive efficiency with workflow automation and make better hiring decisions with AI-powered talent insights and recommendations in the flow of work
  • Track every step in the candidate lifecycle, capture every requisition change, and easily view point-in-time reports
  • Optionally, participate in a shared talent pool with other like-minded organizations to increase the total amount of skills and prospects available for any specific role

Eightfold is proud to champion AI compliance and regulation at every opportunity. To see first-hand how leading organizations are leveraging Talent Intelligence, review the sessions and keynote addresses of the Cultivate 2024 conference. Featured keynote speakers will include Mandell Crawley (CHRO, Morgan Stanley) and Prerna Ajmera (GM, HR Digital Strategy and Innovation at Microsoft).

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