HiBob Welcomes Nadav Goshen as Chief Business Officer


HiBob is pleased to introduce Nadav Goshen as its new Chief Business Officer (CBO). Based in New York, Goshen brings expertise in advancing businesses to the next stages of maturity, enhancing growth through strategic collaboration, expanding publicly traded companies, and driving operational excellence.

His unique background in coding and cinematography imbues the role with technical expertise and creative vision. Recognizing the importance of blending people strategy and innovation for growth and scalability, his insights are tailored to modern workforces and the evolving technological landscape, crucial for maintaining competitive advantage.

“Today businesses must rethink their approach to people management amidst rapid changes in how organizations operate. With distributed workforces and the emergence of artificial intelligence, HiBob’s role as HR technology partner becomes increasingly vital,” says Nadav Goshen. “The fusion of AI-driven productivity with human creativity is reshaping the future of work, and HiBob is uniquely positioned to empower businesses to prepare for such a shift in the way we manage, evaluate, and reward employees.”

Over the past decade, Goshen has excelled in building exceptional teams, orchestrating successful turnarounds, and positioning companies as industry leaders. He is recognized for his innovative strategies, product development skills, and effective market initiatives, placing high value on diversity as a driver of long-term success.

“What’s unique in HiBob is our modern approach for people management that extends beyond mere productivity measures, focusing instead on the holistic engagement of employees. I’m excited to see how HiBob continues to reimagine our vision of “HCM for everyone” to support tomorrow’s businesses during this next productivity revolution.”

Ronni Zehavi, CEO at HiBob comments: “We are on an exhilarating journey of growth, and I’m incredibly optimistic about what lies ahead for all of us. As Chief Business Officer, Nadav will lead a new centralized organization focusing on aligning our sales, upselling, business development, and partnership strategies for increased synergy.”

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