Eden Introduces Deliveries Product

The product enables safe, efficient and headache-free deliveries for all employees as return to work heats up


Eden, the HR and workplace software provider for people-centric companies, today announced the launch of its new Deliveries solution, rounding out its software-as-a-service product offerings to provide a comprehensive, purpose-built workplace platform for hybrid organizations.

In addition to work deliveries, many employees send their personal packages to their office – even when they work in hybrid or fully remote settings. Whether recipients are fending off porch pirates or unreliable delivery dates, it’s helpful to ship packages to the office where employees know someone will receive and safely store their package. But an influx of deliveries to any office represents a significant administrative burden to workplace teams. Eden’s Deliveries product solves this, minimizing the effort to intake packages, sending out alerts and reminders to recipients, and logging activity to create a chain of custody of the delivery.

“With the addition of Deliveries, Eden has ensured that our hybrid workplace solutions suite is industry-leading in its breadth,” said Joe Du Bey, CEO and co-founder of Eden. “As the return to office heats up, employee-centric companies need tools that fit the modern world and how we now work. We believe our all-in-one suite of workplace software will help companies recruit and retain happier and more productive employees.”

Eden’s Deliveries solution, which serves companies of any size that receive any number of package deliveries or mail per week, is the latest addition to Eden’s suite of workplace software for the modern hybrid company. The product suite already includes Desk Booking, Visitor Management, Room Scheduling, COVID Team Safety, and Internal Ticketing.

“Return to office has heated up in 2022, and policies and tools that accommodate the varying needs of hybrid team members are how companies can stay attractive to a majority of the workforce,” said Du Bey. “Our Deliveries product, along with our complete suite of people operations software, helps ensure a smoother and safer return to the office for the 80%+ of employees who look forward to a return.”

For more information on Eden’s Deliveries offering, please visit: https://www.edenworkplace.com/deliveries. To learn more about Eden, please visit: https://www.edenworkplace.com.

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