Deborah Leff joins talent intelligence software provider, Censia

Deborah Leff

Deborah Leff, former Global Leader and Industry CTO for Data Science and AI at IBM, has joined AI startup Censia as a board member, joining ranks with other Fortune 100 company technology leaders such as Shakti Jauhar, Former SVP, Digital HR Transformation, Operations and Shared Services at PepsiCo, and Sanjay Pal, Global VP Cloud and Cognitive Solutions at IBM.

“Censia is tackling a problem that has plagued enterprises since the dawn of time: a lack of actionable intelligence on their talent. For the first time ever, a company is adding context to employee data, enabling talent teams to make data-driven decisions about who to hire, lay off, promote and reskill, at scale, and at incredible speed.” says Deborah Leff. “Their work has already begun to transform how human resource technology is built for the better, and I am incredibly proud to be part of their go-to-market team at this critical juncture.”

Censia is a leading provider of talent intelligence enterprise software, which uses AI to contextualize talent data and gives companies data-driven insight for all talent decisions, including who to hire, fire, reskill and promote, and does so directly within their current ATS and HRIS.

“Deborah is a legend in the technology sector, and we are thrilled to have her join us.” says Censia CEO Joanna Riley. “Deborah Leff is a leading expert in outcome-driven business transformation, and has a proven track record on delivering strategic AI initiatives that impact the most critical business objectives.”

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