Conversational AI platform, Paradox Acquires Chatbot

Tel Aviv-based startup boasts early clients like EY, Sodastream, and IKEA, and lays the foundation for Paradox to build a world-class R&D center in EMEA

Paradox, the leading conversational AI platform helping global talent acquisition teams automate recruiting tasks like screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communications, announced today the acquisition of, an Israeli startup helping clients like EY and Sodastream modernize candidate communications.

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2017, Spetz has quickly developed a reputation as a product-led, client-centric startup in Israel — a country with a rich history of building world-class AI and machine learning technologies.

The acquisition highlights Paradox’s strategic investment in global innovation and world-class client services, said Paradox founder and CEO Aaron Matos. But it wasn’t just about creating another R&D center. Just as important, Matos said the Spetz team’s vision, mission, and values closely aligned with Paradox.

“This acquisition is all about aligning with incredibly smart people who share our passion for building products that recruiting teams love,” Matos said. “We were impressed with the Spetz team’s growth, and even more impressed with their vision for what we can build together.”

Yam Dvir, Spetz’s co-founder and CEO, said the feeling was mutual.

“When we met with the Paradox team we immediately saw a massive opportunity to build something bigger than ourselves,” said Dvir. “Combining our expertise with Paradox’s vision and momentum as a clear category leader is really one of those ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ opportunities. We can’t wait to get started accelerating Paradox’s vision for a future where recruiting is frictionless, elegant, and people-centric.”

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