Confirm BioSciences’ Groundbreaking HealthState® Wellness Platform Takes the Guesswork Out of Corporate Wellness Programs

Data in pilot program with Mission Healthcare identified workforce-specific health and wellness issues, allowing the employer to create a customized initiative to improve staff wellbeing


Confirm BioSciences, a leading provider of comprehensive screening tools and solutions, today announced that its recent pilot program with Mission Healthcare demonstrates that a data-centric corporate wellness program can help companies address workforce-specific health and wellness pain points. The premium benefits platform and comprehensive corporate wellness solution, HealthState®, is a novel innovation in the wellness industry, where companies often struggle to personalize initiatives, engage staff and directly generate tangible results.

Mission Healthcare, a leading San Diego-based home health and hospice provider, wanted to deliver wellness benefits that would make a real difference in the lives of team members. They were also looking for a program that is simple and practical to administer. In their ongoing pilot program with HealthState, Mission Healthcare has achieved a 36% participation rate, which exceeds the industry average by 80%, despite the fact that the majority of Mission Healthcare’s staff works remotely1.

“Our people are our most valuable asset, so we wanted a program that employees could use to meaningfully improve their health and wellbeing,” said Paul Verhoeve, CEO of Mission Healthcare. “HealthState surpassed our participation rate goal and the program is easy for HR to administer. It gave us actionable data we used to pinpoint a specific health and wellness issue in our workforce and created an initiative to turn that around. That’s a powerful and unique advantage.”

Mission Healthcare partnered with Confirm BioSciences to implement wellness benefits via the HealthState platform, including two at-home health and hormone testing kits — tests traditionally seen administered at a doctor’s office — to provide personalized and detailed health reports. Overall, Mission Healthcare had the option to choose any of 12 at-home testing kits that cover a broad array of health and wellness, including biometrics, brain health, hormone imbalances, and stress. Via personal HealthState accounts, participants completed a personal health risk assessment questionnaire that generated valuable data employees could use to make positive changes to improve health and wellness.

Nearly 68% of the enrolled staff completed a health risk assessment (HRA), and through the blinded, aggregate data gathered, Mission Healthcare’s leadership team learned that weight management, stress management, diet and nutrition, and sleep management were four of the most pressing health and wellness needs for their employees.  These needs were addressed directly, yet anonymously, to individual employees through the communication features of the HealthState platform.  Participants also received personalized wellness recommendations, free anytime access to a licensed physician via telemedicine to discuss health concerns, and a cognitive behavioral therapy-based training course to establish healthy practices for dealing with stress.

“Mission Healthcare invested in employee health and wellness in a smart, modern way, allowing data to guide program development,” said Nikhil Nayak, Chief Operating Officer, Confirm BioSciences. “To cite one example, the team evaluated the aggregate HRA data to identify the most relevant wellness pain points for the employees. Using this, they created a wellness challenge specifically designed to address a targeted wellness pain point, where employees could compete for a chance to win a monthly prize in a collaborative, gamified environment. This demonstrates the value of testing and data collection at every stage of the employee lifecycle to provide significant benefits for employers and staff alike.”

With workplace disruption and economic uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many employers are looking for new ways to support employees and build workforce resilience. Confirm BioSciences has solutions that empower employers at every stage, from pre-employment screening to post-employment programs like HealthState to improve worker wellness and productivity. To find out more about Confirm BioScience’s HealthState platform, please visit


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