Cognito Forms Launches Workflow Automation

Workflow automation enables meaningful engagement during collaboration around data, changing the game for remote teams and customers.


Cognito Forms, the world’s most powerful online form builder, launched workflow automation, a set of upgraded features that triggers meaningful connections while collaborating around data.

With the advent of Covid-19 across the world, remote work has come into every corner of business, and it’s here to stay. Remote workers are no longer tethered to their desks, forcing organizations to bring paper forms and paper-based processes online.

Every business has a way they process paperwork and data collection; this is their workflow. Cognito Forms customers use online forms for applications, contracts, expense reports, purchase orders, and service requests. Allowing employees to fill out forms digitally has been around for years. What has been missing is the ability to take action to approve, deny, or add additional information and store that information together. Cognito Forms has built workflow automation into their online form builder to work with a company’s workflow from initiation to completion. Trigger email notifications support users’ busy schedules and notify them when it’s their turn to act. For example, Cognito Forms can collect clear decisions from each participant and ensure documented decisions, such as approved or denied.

Customers in the early access group have found increased efficiency when using workflow automation. Tonya Bradford of the Babcock Center started using workflow as a screening process for those interested in receiving services from the non-profit. “Using workflow has sped up the response time for screening,” said Bradford. “We are able to schedule meetings and obtain feedback quickly from multiple members of our team who are often in different locations.”

Integrated into Cognito Forms’ online form builder, workflow allows users to:

  • Assign custom roles to different employees inside and outside of their organization
  • Create custom statuses based on actions each participant needs to make
  • Automatically change statuses based on actions from the different roles
  • Trigger emails that ask for participants’ actions

One of the most significant benefits to small businesses or departments is the ability to customize these steps for complete workflow management to match current processes, all without the need for time-consuming and expensive custom development.

Cognito Forms created workflow automation features to help people connect meaningfully using data to help drive the conversation. “For us,” said Co-founder and CEO Jamie Thomas, “releasing these amazing new workflow capabilities is an important milestone on our journey and a big step forward in our vision for making these connections possible.”

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