Cloverleaf Networks Acquires Ryver

Cloverleaf Networks announced today the acquisition of the Ryver workforce collaboration platform that will add workgroup efficiency, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT) functionality to the company’s connectivity, cyber security and wide area networking solutions forming a top-to-bottom, wire-to-workgroup business stack.

The acquisition resulted from extensive strategic analysis and due diligence to find the perfect addition to Cloverleaf Networks’ already powerful connectivity offerings. With Ryver, IT managers can control their entire online system and enable workforce collaboration through one company and one platform, saving businesses millions of dollars.

“Cloverleaf is already helping companies operate more profitably with our connectivity aggregation platform (CLOĒ) ending the nightmare of providing, managing, and securing multi-office internet services. Ryver lets remote teams work like they are in one building and control systems like they were on-site,” said Joe Faherty, Cloverleaf Networks CEO.

Cloverleaf has a 60-day plan to enhance the Ryver platform providing the 100-thousand-plus users with a collaboration tool that handles all their needs. Cloverleaf will release later a new version that enhances Ryver’s collaboration, voice, and video functionality.

Thanks to user recommendations in the technology, academic, hospitality, and other industries, the Cloverleaf/Ryver development team is enhancing the IoT and AI functionality for workgroups. Soon working and controlling systems remotely will be possible for even more people.

“It’s a huge leap in workforce management,” said Faherty. “To fully integrate data from the wire to the workgroup in one company and one platform. With Cloverleaf and Ryver combined, IT managers, business managers, and teams at all company levels will save countless hours and millions of dollars, because doing their work is now so much more efficient.”

The acquisition of Ryver was an all-cash transaction. Cloverleaf Networks is 100% owner. Deal terms are undisclosed.

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