Click Boarding embeds Workato into its existing Click platform

By embedding Workato, Click Boarding customers see a 42% decrease in time to implement, resulting in a faster-to-market experience


Workato, the leader in AI-powered enterprise automation, announced today that Click Boarding, the leading employee experience platform, is embedding Workato into its existing Click platform, giving customers a simplistic connection to and from their system, all while helping to eliminate additional build time. For the Click Boarding team, choosing Workato was an easy choice to help their customers scale their employee experiences. With an easy-to-navigate user interface and the biggest library of connectors and recipes available, Workato offered the most value up front and had a dedicated support team who were willing to work with the Click Boarding team getting set up and troubleshooting when needed.

Before Click Boarding decided to utilize Workato’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), it was clear that the team wanted to offer a solution that would help customers move away from highly complex and customized integrations that take up too many resources to build, implement, and deploy. Click Boarding’s main goal was to offer a solution that increased efficiency for customers, decreased the time it takes to build connectors and recipes and offer a faster go-live experience. Now, Click Boarding customers have access to Workato’s library of connectors which helps with overall speed to deployment and allows anyone, regardless of skill set, to utilize its low-code, no-code capabilities. As a leader in the automation and integration space, Workato is helping to drive impact in facilitating automation for enterprises across the globe by connecting any technology regardless of where it sits within a tech stack, to automate business processes for all lines of business like employee onboarding/offboarding, data enrichment, quote-to-cash, CRM hygiene and more with enterprise speed, security, and scalability.

“Our clients need a simple solution to ensure accurate data transmission between their HR tech solutions, and Workato provides that,” said Josh Hoover, EVP of Client Solutions at Click Boarding. “To best support our clients, we need the ability to control the configuration, make updates, and provide direct engagement. We did not have these options before partnering with Workato.”

“Working with Workato to embed their iPaaS into our platform has been a seamless and transformative experience. Our customers now have access to Workato’s extensive library of connectors through the Click platform, allowing them to continue and scale their automation journey,” said Kevin Carney, Integrations Product Owner at Click Boarding. “We are excited to see how Workato’s low-code, no-code capabilities help revolutionize what many of our customers are attempting to do – provide a modern lifecycle experience with a high return on investment.”

With a focus on creating exceptional employee experiences and insights across the employee journey to increase retention, Click Boarding is dedicated to creating the easiest, most empowering way for HR to deliver modern onboarding experiences that beat employee expectations, maintain superior compliance, and help everyone, including HR, achieve their potential. Knowing that the engagement, productivity, and performance of every employee are tied to their early experiences, beginning the moment they say “yes,” Click Boarding prioritizes innovation, experience, scalability, and compliance. Since embedding Workato, Click Boarding customers have found it easier to connect to different ATS and HRIS systems, and even tertiary HR systems that focus on provisioning or background screening, for example. With the power and ease of Workato’s solutions, Click Boarding’s customers now have a better understanding of how crucial automation, integration, and AI are for a company’s digital transformation.

“Our team is excited to be a pivotal partner in Click Boarding’s path to creating a seamless end-to-end employee experience with an emphasis on engagement, productivity, and performance. Working with the team at Click Boarding to provide readily available, customizable, and easy-to-use solutions for their customers has been an incredibly enriching experience,” said Carly Frederick, Head of Solutions, Workato Embedded Platform. “With our embedded platform, Click Boarding is bringing the power of automation, integration, and AI to the employee experience lifecycle, one onboarding experience at a time.”

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