CD2 Learning and iorad to deliver eLearning and Training solutions

CD2 Learning

CD2 Learning, a Nelnet company, is proud to announce a partnership with iorad. This collaboration brings together CD2 Learning’s robust learning management system (LMS) and iorad’s innovative tutorial building platform to deliver engaging eLearning solutions for organizations worldwide.

With an ever-growing technology stack, organizations face the challenge of providing versatile and memorable training for their employees, customers and partners. CD2 Learning offers a comprehensive learning management system that empowers businesses to create, manage and deliver engaging training content. With the partnership with iorad, CD2 Learning takes its capabilities to the next level—providing organizations with a solution to create their own tutorials lightning fast.

“We are thrilled to partner with iorad to redefine the way organizations approach digital learning and training,” said Jay Breeden, president of CD2 Learning. “By combining the power of our LMS with iorad’s innovative training platform, we can empower businesses to deliver immersive and interactive learning experiences efficiently that drive knowledge retention and performance improvement.”

iorad’s cutting-edge platform enables businesses to easily create interactive training guides and tutorials without any coding or technical expertise. Leveraging iorad’s intuitive interface and advanced features, organizations can transform existing training materials, documents and processes into dynamic, step-by-step interactive experiences, quickly. Learners can seamlessly navigate through the training content, interact with interactive elements and receive real-time guidance, resulting in a highly engaging and effective learning environment.

“We are excited to join forces with CD2 Learning to transform the digital learning landscape,” said Sean Adams, head of partnerships at iorad. “By combining our innovative technology with CD2 Learning’s extensive expertise in eLearning, we can provide organizations with a game-changing solution that enhances the effectiveness and impact of their training initiatives.”

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