Career Planner by BizMerlinHR Enhances Employee Experience to a New Level

BizMerlinHR adds AI-driven Career Planner to Cohesive Suite of Talent Management Solutions

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AI powered HCM system, BizMerlinHR, has added Career Planner to its rich suite of talent management applications.  Career Planner not only enables organizations to create their own  career pathways but also empowers employees to assess their skill gaps and identify training resources to reach their next level.

Career Planner is a breakthrough feature that has a strong foundation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for decision making. It suggests the upward or lateral movements of the workforce within the organization. In this age of transparency in which people have instant access to information, HR’s greatest need is to enable each employee to know their potential and to provide help achieving that potential at the right speed with the right project-based experiences.

“BizMerlin Career Planner enables employers to share the career pathways available to employees. This gives the control back to the employees to match themselves against any profile, assess their competency gaps, and identify trainings using which they can reach the required competencies. The advances in AI have enabled training recommendations to appear almost magical, and this delights the employees. Employers can create succession plans and ensure that there is knowledge sharing through time bound project roles (gigs). Furthermore, since BizMerlinHR is available in multiple languages, accessible 24 by 7, and available on multiple devices, it is certainly an asset,” says Amrinder Arora, CEO and co-founder at BizMerlinHR.

“Having employees with a clear idea of their career pathway helps them choose their own career direction.  As the talent market in Brazil matures, these features that were earlier available only to large customers, become mainstream for the mid-market as well,” Juliano Elias, Sr. Consultant at Construvik Engenharia, in Paranagua, Parana (Brazil).


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