AI-based Recruitment Platform Startup Jobiak Unveils Predictive Technology

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Jobiak, a leading provider of AI- based search and social media recruitment platform for enterprises, today announced the launch of the next version of its product. This new product uses predictive technology for optimizing posting and ranking of jobs in search results to drive higher job applications. Seventy-three percent of jobseekers today start their search on Google, yet few recruiters are equipped with the sophisticated SEO techniques required to get their job postings to rank high enough in this powerful and often misunderstood channel. Jobiak’s new patent backed optimization product eliminates the technology challenges that previously limited access to Google for Jobs and produces powerful machine-learning insights needed to achieve top rankings and generate up to 4x more applications for recruiters. Hrtech

Jobiak is currently the only solution in the recruiting industry with the power to fully automate and dynamically post and rank listings on search and social media platforms, in real time, in as little as 48 hours. While Jobiak’s AI platform on the surface may appear as a simple solution for recruiters, it took 400k+ man-hours of data collection scouring over 3.5 million job descriptions, 600k job titles and 58k competencies. Its sophisticated modeling includes 20 specific ML algorithms, accounting over 25 signals and 25 specialized SEO techniques that Google for Jobs factors into its ranking methodology. It is trained on a daily basis to generate high-performing keywords, make real-time SEO adjustments and learnings from millions of monitored postings, including local market demand, to automatically optimize job posts for the highest rank mathematically possible.

CEO Venkat Janapareddy says, “With our new optimization product, we have built a first-of-its-kind AI platform which includes automating the entire process of posting and ranking jobs in search results, with minimal effort to our enterprise clients. This is game changing for enterprise HR teams and other players in the recruitment eco system, such as ATSs, Recruitment Marketing Agencies/ Platforms, Job Boards who are seeking new ways to win the talent war cost effectively and in a timely manner. Our customers are already seeing up to 4x applications since switching to Jobiak.”


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